I came across this song when scouring around Soundcloud. Id just listened to M20’s –  Mpenzi and there was a link to this track somewhere. So I gave it a listen. FortiorI is a one man djent and progressive metal band from Germany. This song features Kenyan Metal Band Mortal Soul’s frontman Leon Malu on vocals.
The song begins with leering and isolated sounds of gloom possibly heralding 6 minutes of a morbid hell fest. And to be sure without taking the luxury to creep in, it takes the stage with terrifying speed, voracious vocals, and technical guitar work with very heavy and explosive amounts of electrical discharge tearing its way through. This is accompanied by pounding double base drumming.
It is a well-balanced adoption of both distortion, technicality and melody. It is in its own standing a peculiar creature in its own category. And yet in that vein is still a shout in the dark to characteristics of metalcore, leaning more strongly to its metal roots rather than hardcore. Although during certain intervals it’s hard to tell. You will also find that the song is also briefly accentuated by characteristics of nu-metal with the use of synthesis. It is dominated by long periods of brutal intensity that are tempered by the doses of clean vocalisation and melody. At the end all this frenzied collision of extremity settles down into a tranquil finality.
What mood does it give off?
Melancholy, condescention, guilt, false hope, contemplative voices pointing to opportunities lost and yet to settle into the inevitable and impeding state of destruction. Those are the feelings it gives off.  It can also be said that the songs persona speaks of a voice that seeks to absolve itself of blame for its current predicament saying “if you are to blame then why am I also bound”…with instances of harsh and soulless self-loathing with feelings of  being “in contempt of yourself”.
Putting this track in the wider perspective
Almost everyone that listens to local rock content almost always points to the fact that the sound is a bit all over the place. And most often than not we compare it to foreign content. This is that one track that I believe if nothing more is an egg in the face of naysayers. There is no detracting from the guitar work or the drums and for once even the vocalisation is pristine. It takes things further by even successfully combining an angst brutality with a brooding style of clean vocals.
To be sure this song sets itself apart as the best that I’ve heard Leon Malu involved in. It takes the precise instrumental work of Mortal soul and crowns that with an unexpected but welcome vocal travail.

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