Q) “This may be the least convenient time to ask this question. All the more so because it should have been asked before; but all the same I’m curious to know what does the name “Rash” stand for?”
A) We are Rash because in the same way a rash causes irritation and itchyness on the skin… We believe our music has the impact of a rash. It is that impactful that you will realize that our music will be constantly playin in your head. Therefore the name Rash. Our music leaves our fans asking for more because its like a when you feel like scratching that rash.
Q) “Why did you choose to work with Shinigami studios on this track?”
A) We chose Shinigami studios because we have been shown a few of the tracks they have recorded, and we knew that Shinigami would be the best for a song as Msafiri
Q) This being your third song Im pretty convinced that you’re a hard rock band. But what category do you consider yourselves falling into. Is it hard rock or heavy metal? And typically what bands influence your style?
A) We consider ourselves as a Hard Rock band. The tracks that are yet to be recorded will continue backing that statement. The bands that have ben most influential in our music are giants such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Guns’n Roses, The Ramones, Kiss, and the like.

Q) Have you worked with them all along since you released “Darkness and Witchcraft”?

A) We approached Shinigami studios after our gig at the Rift Valley Festival. This was when we met Leon through Young at a jam session. Leon showed us his stuff, we liked it, therefore we decided to start working with him. But we had not previously worked with them. Msafiri is a promising track, and we are really happy with it. Being the first of our tracks to be recorded at Shinigami, we will surely continue working with them.
Q) When you guys started out as a band did you see yourselves receiving this kind of reception and did you see yourselves releasing three tracks in a year?
A) We kind of knew that our sound was good, and that our songs would be well received, but I guess everyone would think the same way when starting up. I mean, why would you even be on this business if you are not confident enough as to succeed in the first place? So, basically we knew our songs had the potential. We just needed to make a few sacrifices to get them where we wanted them to get. That isspending money on recording when you are barely getting paid a few coins in your gigs, investing in effects in order to get the sound you want, etc.
At the beginning the aim was to release 2 tracks within a year. But when we were able to release our second track in July, we knew we would release a few more before the end of the year. Therefore, we could say that the mission has been accomplished.
Q) Are there plans to release a music video and if so what angle are you guys hoping to take?
A) We are indeed planning to release a music video for the next year. We are trying to decide which song will be the most appropriate for the video.
Q) When listening to “Msafiri” you can almost immediately identify with a sound that can be said is characteristic to RASH. So when coming up with the song were you guys trying to build up on RASH’s sonic identity; sort of emphasising to fans that ‘this is what we sound like’? Or were you guys looking to explore other creative ideas with this song?
A) When we were coming up with the song we knew the sound we wanted, and we knew it was the most appropriate for Msafiri. We do have a sound that characterizes the band style, and we think it is important that fans recognize our sound before being told that it is actually our song.
Q) Who writes the songs? Is it one individual or do all of you contribute to the writing?
A) Initially, when the band started, Max (lead guitarist) had most of instruments at his place, so he was the one in charge of composing and writing the songs. As we grew together, now everyone identifies with the sound of the band, and that is why it is easier for all of us to compose and write.
Q) I know you guys mentioned that the track is based on the story of an astronaut who dies in space. Why did you choose to have this as the theme of this song? And is there another message you intended to pass to your listeners (the reason I ask that is this country is yet to venture into the cosmos so I’m guessing for the song to bear greater significance to the local market then there must be a local issue you hand in mind that you felt you needed to highlight).
A) Basically, yes, we chose the theme because it was interesting. We really liked the whole idea for a song. But then we knew we needed to link it to practical situations. That is when we also realized that the song also shows that even if you are the most independent person, and the traveler who has reached the furthest a human being could ever reach, you are still responsible for your fate. Therefore, be responsible! Through this analogy, we intend to demonstrate that if you depend on others, you could be doomed. The guy depended on other people who were based on earth, yet he was in the space. The best way to survive in this life is when you depend on you own responsibility.

Q) What role do you expect this song to play in your musical journey?

A) We believe every song has the potential to become the best, and Msafiri is no exception. So far, we are happier with the recorded version of Msafiri than the recorded version of the other songs. This shows that we are improving along the way. That is why we believe that what is next will be even better. For that to actually happen, we need to work harder and harder, but at least we know we are on the right track.
Q) Finally what is your marketing strategy are you guys focusing on singles or are you working towards albums?
A) When we started we knew it would take a long road to get a full album done. That is why we decided to start releasing singles. However the final goal is to release a full album where we will include all these first singles. Then, hopefully in the future we will be able to release albums, but as AC/DC say: It is a long way to the top if you wannaRock’n Roll.

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