In Oath – The Bread of Disposition

in oath
HB: For someone who hasn’t heard of you guys how would you describe yourselves?
We are just a bunch of jolly human beings with problems who just want to make happy brutal music for the kids.
HB:very few bands have an album to their name. what put you on this path to recording ur own album?

Well, first off we made an EP, why not make an album. Secondly,
it was about time we did because we had already began cooking up new music by the time we had finished recording our EP.
The new music was an evolution out of our ‘Eulogy’ material and what better way to present that evolution in a 9track package.

HB:what are some of the biggest obstacles you guys have faced

I cant recall any major obstacles we’ve had but we’ve faced a couple for sure.
Every band goes through obstacles but most of us don’t really care much about them because we always come up with solutions to our own problems.

HB:what’s new in this upcoming album

Oh Jeez, Were do I begin. Don’t wanna spoil anything
but we’ll let the single coming out this Dec speak out for itself.
Obvious thing is that its going to be a punishingly beautiful masterpiece,
at least to us it already is. RAW and totally different from our EP material.
Mature is the word.

HB:how are u approaching this project. are u in studio everyday

Were in a kinda special circumstance since I moved to Canada, so we basically record our own
tracks individually then I mix everything in my own start up studio at Yagami mastering.
Were still recording and mixing most of the tracks because its sometimes a hustle
to get time and everything together but, ‘The Bread Of Disposition’ will be out mid next year as we had originally planned for sure.

HB: can we expect any collaborations

Hehehe, well, there will be a couple of surprises

HB:tell us about the tracklist
Its 9 tracks, all have their own themes
but revolve around one layer if that makes any sense.
We’ll release the the back cover with the titles very soon.

HB:what about the album art. is it out yet and are you guys working on variants of it.

We actually released the album front cover artwork on our page a couple of weeks ago.
Check It out.
We are Indeed planning on working on variants.

HB:hows the recording experience and has your producer influenced your style and the direction of the album

Recording is hectic as usual hehe but its worth it.
Irony is I’m the producer and yes I have and influence the style and direction
Hope that doesn’t make me sound like an ass. More so we all have influenced the album.
Its not only one mans story, the album is a testament of our own lives
and experiences as well.

HB: what are the themes or underlying message in the album

The Bread Of Disposition. Death, Babies, Cows hahaha kidding kidding.
There’s agony, Hatred, Hope and a new beginning among others..

HB: how is this album expected to influence ur music

Well, It already has. Its opened doors for us in terms of what we can create and
manifest both Lyrically and Instrumentally. Its Death Metal at its finest (To Us) and getting better.

HB: what advice would you give to new bands hoping to take the path u guys have taken?

Well, Id tell any new bands to stop halfassing and do what they do full throttle
despite the obstacles. Your not a band unless you commit to it. Straight up.

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