Gig Review: Kenyan Bands Fail to Appear in Tanzania

As a fan-blogger I circumscribe myself to steadfastly refrain from criticism that would hurt the scene. Nevertheless, speaking my mind is a liberty that I afford myself here and there whenever the occasion vehemently demands it.
News has reached us of how expectant fans Tanzanian fans faced a disappointing rock fest. This event cleverly christened rocketeers fest was scheduled to feature three Kenyan Bands. In truth it was in the wind, that two bands (names withheld) were to head there last week for a concert.
Characteristically the same problems that plague the Kenyan scene are to be found present in Tanzania. Tanzania however you will be surprised to know has a less vibrant rock industry compared to Kenya. Fans paid for the event and sadly with the no show they weren’t refunded. Sound engineers didn’t aid the deteriorated situation either.Stopping performances mid-riff to tweak the instruments but generally only succeeding to fuck the situation up some more and rub revellers the wrong way. I’d have pulled my eyes out if I was in attendance but with the beer in Tanzania being good I suppose my heart would have taken solace in despondent inebriation. And the DJ that played happened to be cool so I guess it wasn’t all bad.
Without having sufficient facts we can only be left to speculate as to what really happened. I don’t know whether the problem stemmed from poor organisation, band’s giving the gig a wide berth just for kicks or both. In Kenya mostly such things happen when organisers fail to pay the bands or the sound system just doesn’t work. All in all for a blog that has endeavoured to blow the trumpets of local outfits I must say that I feel ashamed that we have been painted in such bad light. Not forgetting that relations with our Tanzanian counterparts are already anything but tolerable being the smug bastards that we are. We have gone ahead to give them more reasons to chastise us with an air of courteous generosity.
Being no godfather to the local rock stakeholders, we are left to give our admonitions indirectly through the meagre channels our station affords us. To our bands we take this opportunity to appeal to your more sympathetic side. Please consider the repercussions of your actions. Some of my friends braved the cold night to come and watch the live performance. Kindly send apologies beforehand if you intend to skip a gig for one reason or another. For organiserssince competent sound engineers are a scarce commodity in these parts of the world, the least fans deserve is to be given reasons for failing to bring bands to a gig as promised.
And since no one was brazen enough to apologise,Heavy and the Beast,behind the veil of anonymity that social media affords, steps into that void as a vicar to offer the most sincere and heartfelt apology. Having experienced a similar situation myself you can be assured that we understand your predicament. But as every true rocker around the world we know that recent events won’t stop you for coming for the next gig. Stay true and rock on!

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