The Beginner’s Guide to becoming a rock fan


19105910_305121493248536_2394695885630150011_nI am no guru at this. Actually to whip this up for you would be believers I got help from a few people. They were willing to express their views on their own experiences and with that I have managed to build a loose framework for you to utilize as you wade into the dark waters of rock music. This exposition will be swiftly followed by the “How to become a metal head” somewhere down the line. So whenever you’re ready to make the transition you can hit the jump to that section of this post.
So get your crazy hat on and follow these steps.
Step 1: Clear your Head
I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of sad stories that the uninformed people tell about rock music. That it’s the devil’s spawn and nothing good can ever come of it. If you’re going to take the leap you need to clear your head of the clutter. While there are indeed some extreme versions of rock music that contain diabolical elements, the majority of mainstream and contemporary music is pretty good for you. Clean stuff that you can take to the bank. So forget what the busy bodies think they know you’re not on the road to hell.
Step 2: Start with the staple Bands and Songs
I believe to a great degree most rockers began by listening to pretty much the same bands. Household names that even none-rock fans can identify with. Starting simple and building from that foundation will get you the best induction into the scene. Begin by listening to outfits like Avril Lavigne, 3 Doors Down, Linkin Park, Bowling for Soup, Evanescence, Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls and a host of others. Tune in to radio stations that plays rock music. Stations like X fm and Capital Fm. The latter has a segment that runs from 10:00am – 2:00 pm weekdays dedicated purely to rock music. The bands listed above will help you identify the “rock sound”. This help you distinguish rock music from blues, country and pop. And furthermore this will make sure you don’t look bewildered in a conversation.
Step 3: Do your Research
As they say to love is to know.
Feel free to access Wikipedia, Youtube and the Last fm website for information about bands you have listened to. Getting to know more about bands will help you appreciate their music more and identify similar bands with a similar sound. Eventually this will aid you tremendously in developing your taste. Later on when you feel up to it, it will also help you distinguish the different kinds of rock music. Whether it’spunk, psychedelic, hard-core or grunge every true rocker eventually must learn to distinguish and identify with particular sub-genres of rock music.
Step 4: Get Albums
Growing in the faith will require you to feed your now burgeoning and insatiable appetite for material from your favourite bands. The stuff that plays on radio can only go so far. I for instance discovered more about one of my favourite bands Green Day by listening to their albums rather than just listening to their favourite songs.
Step 5: Network
To grow your knowledge and strengthen your taste in music you will need to connect to people sharing the same interests. Join forums and go for gigs and find people who will share their diverse tastes of music with you and be eager to learn. Do not be obstinate
Step 6: Look the part
This isn’t a necessary step because most rockers just wear their ordinary day to day clothes. But to identify with the culture it would do you good to at least have a few of the symbols of rock music in your collection. The easiest ones to access would be band t-shirts which you can easily buy at second hand for as low as 50 kshs.
Step 7: Go back to the roots
Basically this just involves doing further research into the origins of rock music. To firmly entrench yourself you need to know where the beast was born, who are the major icons and the different waves. This will mean also not losing touch with other genres of music.
And with that you are ready to go.
Are there other things we might have missed. Make yourself heard by posting your comment below!!!

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