Simply Tomas tells local radio stations they appreciate the support

As with all things out there Simply Tomas has its fair share of misconceptions that the founder was eager to shed light on.
“M20 and Simply Tomas are two different entities. M2O was made up of five friends among them Tomas. M2O took a break in 2010 for various reasons (study, work…etc.) thus prompting Tomas to create a new brand “Simply Tomas” and carry on making songs. Tomas wrote “Tafadhali” while in M20 but moved on to form Simply Tomas.”
X FM and the Fuse on Capital FM have obviously done a lot as far as giving rock music a platform. What is your view on the role of radio in supporting the local rock scene?
“Media is vital because it helps us reach an audience that we would otherwise never get to. The media has done well to play our songs. Especially XFM. All said and done though there is still room for more to be done. Media can support the scene in a way that is mutually beneficial. E.g. sponsoring and/or advertising shows and or tours.
Describe your feelings about the songs performance on the XFM chart and the amount of airplay its received.
“It feels good to have our song recognized and appreciated by the audience. When this happens, they request the song more, it is played more frequently and as a result it tops the charts”
How important has the video been to the reception of the song?
“The video and the audio are interconnected. Success of the audio drew attention to the video and the video helped some people accept the song more because of the visual support.”
What role does proper song writing skills in the overall quality of the final product and would you say this has improved over the course of years?
“Good song writing sets music and musicians apart. A person who can squeeze in a critical message in the 4/5 minute average duration that a song has in an effective manner has to be very good with the words. That said, I think local rock music is setting the trend because bands are doing a good job to convey their message.”
Your songs especially ‘tafadhali’ and ‘mpenzi’ agree with people from varied demographic backgrounds. What would you attribute this to?
“I can’t definitively say that it is one thing or the other because people like songs for different reasons but if I had to choose I would say the messages cut across demographics.”
I’ve checked out your website. And apart from social media do you think it’s an absolute essential for bands?
“I think a website is essential because the focus is on your brand. Social media has so much that your content can get lost in the chaos.”
Finally having been around for a while what would you say motivates you most?
“Music to me is 2nd nature therefore motivation is inherent. I write about experiences (mine, others; and fictional-dreams”

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