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Most Anticipated Events In The Kenyan Rock Scene 2015

This is our list of the things to look forward to in 2015. 2014 was groundbreaking for a number of reasons. On a personal level I feel unfulfilled because I missed out on a couple of crucial events. However that year also marked the birth of HeavyandtheBeast; starting out at Tumblr before moving to WordPress. By the end of the year we hope to have our own domain name and reach out to way more people. We hope that as a result we can take further steps in keeping this conversation about local rock content constant. We would like to appreciate everyone that read the blog and gave us support.
Aside from concerts and other gigs, what has really got me excited are the sheer number of albums that are scheduled to roll out this year. So expect lots of content on the blog as far as reviews and other thoughts are concerned.
We probably haven’t heard from these guys in a long time. There’s lots of cool stuff they have lined up for us. Judging from the trend, bands tend to augment their artistic quality once their EPs have been  released.For instance, In Oath’s new track tri-infestation is a great leap in quality compared to the content it had on its EP. Lust of a Dying Breed released their “Cat of Nine Tails” EP in 2012. While that album wasn’t the stuff of legend it still had quit visceral songs like “Soundcheck” and “Cat of Nine Tails”. The themes grounding that EPs ideology were pretty solid so there isn’t much to complain about on that front. For their upcoming album the band has in line ambitious plans for its overall project. The release of the album is expected to be a full on experience, and the first single off it is expected to debut any time soon. The band also seeks to incorporate a more dynamism in their singing with the introduction of a female vocalist. Be sure to expect a few surprises in the way of guest vocals on the tracks set to be released.
Another debut album we can expect is from the awe inspiring hard rock group Rash who are currently collaborating with their fans for album art. The album is set to contain 5 songs and they already have a definitive title – Only Few Survivors.
This is one thing I have been holding my breath for quit a while. In Oath pretty much tore a hole in the sun with the release of the single “tri-infestation”. That track is doing pretty well on the continental chart and I can’t wait to see what else lies in store.The album art and track lists were released December last year.
Mortal Soul has been keeping things on the down-low. Their debut album was set for release last year but there have been no definitive developments since that news was made. My guess is we should expect some news around march. Those not impressed by Leon Malu’s vocal prowess will do well to dispel those  reservations by listening to ‘Burst of a Nova’ a song this blog recently reviewed.
These guys can be said to have the best social media communication strategy in the scene that can only be rivaled by acts like Murfy’s Flaw, Rash and In Oath. They also plan for an album release and we’ve already had a sample of that from songs like ‘Rainman’ and ‘Naweza’. For more information check out their website.
As far as gigs go, ‘March from the Underground’ and ‘Ward 7’ are the ones I look forward to most. They have the best atmospheres and are the best managed. Fans mosh really hard and booze isn’t that expensive. In case of anything else ground breaking we’ll be sure to give you the heads up. March from the Underground as the name suggests is scheduled for some time mid march so you better clear your schedule because some of the best metal and rock acts are scheduled to perform.
If you liked this post be sure to tell us on the comments section down below. Also we would appreciate your thoughts on what are you’re most anticipated rock moments of 2015! Keep it Kenyan and rock on!!!!

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