Month: April 2015


As far as artist management is concerned you may be well advised to follow the lead of the Swahili Hard Rock band RASH. A year or so ago we had a new band enter the scene riding on the wave of a smashing hit called ‘Darkness and Witchcraft.’ They were different. They had great guitarists, a wonderful drummer and a vocalist that sounded like a pleasant banshee. They were doing things different not just musically but also administratively. Working behind the scenes with a similar framework to ParkingLotGrass, they had Maria Ahmed working as their band manager. A delightful individual with diverse interests and experience, she took on the mantle of tapping the local rock market that is always looking for new material and perspectives.

 March from the Underground 2015 (Gig Review)

VENUE: MARABOU SPORTS LOUNGE- HIGHWAY MALL DATE: 28TH MARCH  BANDS PERFORMING: DEOWA, IRONY DESTROYED,LAST YEAR’S TRAGEDY & RASH, Blown out of the water, that’s my summation!!!! I barely walked out of there alive, completely famished and thoroughly sober. And who wouldn’t. Just tell me how you handle four performances in the span of one night. […]

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