We had to put off all other plans we had today because this is more important than grades or that tail you’ve been chasing. Suit up and get ready for the biggest audio massacre of your entire lives fam.
Remember when we mentioned that long time dormant death-core band Lust of a Dying Breed will be releasing some new material this year. And remember also how we said that it’ll be the greatest leap in musical progression this country’s rock scene has ever witnessed. And you may also recall how we’ve pointed out that their frontman Martin Kanja and crew have been working hard to bring you something completely different. Well brace yourselves for this.
They have a new track and its coming out tomorrow ffs!!!! Of late the scene has been chewing off of crumbs literally when it comes to deathcore. We’ve been basically binging on In Oath’s tri-infestation and recycling material from Aphasia. But however awesome these bands are Lust of a Dying Breed are gods literally speaking. They have ambitious plans and judging from that cover art there is no scale on earth capable of estimating the wake of brutal devastation this track is gonna cause. We cant wait and we know lots of you metal heads cant either. Get ready Nairobi and the rest of Africa because Dyonesious is coming. Spread the word, this is going to be killer.

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