Month: August 2015

Five bands that aren't doing enough shows

without enough bands coming out to do shows, there isn’t enough buzz going around for even fan zines like this one to survive on. Furthermore, rock scenes thrive on cult figures, and cult figures are a systematic creation of live shows. More importantly, as a musician you will be keen on promoting the music you’ve produced and one of the easiest ways of cementing that musical identity among your own fans and reaching a wider audience is through shows. So if ever there was merit in the claim that the rock scene is selling itself short, then these are the bands to blame for that.

Satan's Disco – Gig Review

The moshpit comes to birth at the rise of the moon. Metalheads like a dark cloud of bats swarming and blackening the twilight, appear from the solitude of their conversational caverns. We huddle in expectation and reverberate to the sound of the beast that refuses to die. Some violently as if in a magical trance. There’s pushing and pulling, hoarse shouting and those who fall and meet the ground do so gracefully. At times it is a meeting of elbows and haws and on occasion and a rising boot meets a swininging head. When I withdraw to catch my breat at our table, the bong of shisha is gone and the taste of blood lingers at the edge of my tongue.

Next Year's Breakout Bands

These bands will inject a fresh flavor into the rock scene. Assuming that our predictions are spot on, we hope that these bands will be able to build on the momentum that they will have going for them. We hope to see them at every event possible, better and frequent social media interaction and perhaps a few collaborative efforts between them and the more established bands. Until then keep it Kenyan and stay brutal.

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