Next Year's Breakout Bands


This year has pretty much rolled onto its belly. It’s pretty much apparent which bands are going to take things by storm. Some of the strongest musical outfits have completed recording on their albums and are awaiting release. Parking Lot Grass are set to release their album ‘Tusk in Hand’ sometime in August with In Oath also planning for a release soon. Parking Lot Grass and Last Year’s Tragedy share a studio and PLG having completed their project, we can speculate that some news about a full length album from LYT can be expected sometime this year. Hard rock band RASH who work with Shinigami Studios have released a total of 4 songs since last year. They are set to release a 5th one, ‘Sons of Robots’, on the 16th of this month. The album is still being worked on and the departure of former bassist Sebastian may have lengthened the timeline of its release.
Those are the bands that can be said to be dominating this year as far as the rock scene goes. However, there are other projects whose destiny we believe are fully designed to take shape next year. These bands will inject a fresh flavor into the rock scene. These are ladies and gents that work really hard and we believe there is much to be expected of their plans for us.
“Rebranding and Restructuring”
Culture Horizon
CH are a band that is laying lots of ground work for explosive stuff in the alternative rock scene. Formerly known as Hope in Transit, CH have been around for a while and have performed at a couple of gigs. But it is only recently that they have started to put together some material for recording. We have it on good information that a couple of songs are being mixed and an album may be in the works soon. They also have on board Mariam Ahmed who has successfully worked with Rash as their manager and is now taking that role with CH. There is no clear indication about live shows that these guys will be set to appear at. However the rock scene seems to be bubbling with an excitement that gravitates more to rock bands than metal bands in the coming days. There just might be a chance that we’ll see Culture Horizon in a stage somewhere near you. With the systematic framework that the band has in place for its productive and marketing endeavours, they definitely fit the bill for bands that’ll be shaking up things next year.
Irony Destroyed
This is a band that has taken such a surprising meteoric rise into the limelight that it’s hard not to see them being the mainstay in the metal scene in 2016. While they may not be as active recording wise, they sure are at every possible show they can throw themselves at. Practice sessions are as routine as ever. They also have a mix of very talented and diverse individuals with varied tastes and earth scorching passion. In a few years too it can be expected that these guys will be working with artists all over the musical landscape from Afro Fusion, Rhumba and even Jazz. Aside from watching them live we can also expect to get a few songs from them in the coming days. 1280px-Van_Gogh_-_Starry_Night_-_Google_Art_Project“Vincent Van Gogh’s vision of starry night??”
A Truth Once Known
The talent in the music industry is very apparent. But it takes more than a brimming of potential to get the wheels of productivity in motion. This is especially true when it comes to indie bands. The scorching rage and bellowing angst of budding youth propels them to want to form metal bands. But with a coagulation of sensibilities only crystalized at maturity and musical prowess do people think of forming Indie bands. Suffice it to say that this is part of the reason that the vast night sky isn’t splattered with a variety of bands but the occasional glimpse of glimmering celestial bodies. For a long time, that astral canvas has been dominated by a Venus in the shape of Koinange Street Avengers. Always flattering to deceive but never staying in view long enough to gather the admiration of many a folk. Late last year however, signs of expansion began to appear with respect to that kind of music when ‘A truth Once Known’ released a track called ‘Ascension’/Inuka. Now the scene is dotted with not one but two Indie bands. A paltry assemblage I must stay but Im satisfied with baby steps at the moment. Plans are underway for the release of more songs and perhaps a few live projects. However that may be complicated by the fact that the only band member within the confines of this country is David Mburu.
Assuming that our predictions are spot on, we hope that these bands will be able to build on the momentum that they will have going for them. We hope to see them at every event possible, better and frequent social media interaction and perhaps a few collaborative efforts between them and the more established bands. Until then keep it Kenyan and stay brutal.

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