A few weeks ago, a bunch of anonymous guys, associating under the moniker of Skygrave’s Twilight, were featured on AudioInferno. There is little we know about these guys on account of their decided anonymity.
But, there are some choice identifying markers that we’ve been able to piece together, stuff that’ll be able to give us a mental picture of these guys (or bots; we’re not taking any chances) and the type of musical outfit they are trying to set up.
What we discovered, is that they are a band that is totally bent on its cause, a cause to which they are bound by the purest sense of transcendental duty.
Below they go into more detail, sharing the origins of their collective conviction, the road-map for their music and a focused but short look into the instruments they abuse.

  1. Why did you guys decide on Christian metal? Do you believe there is a legitimate audience for that kind of music?

Whether or not there’s an audience for Christian themed metal, Skygrave’s Twilight will still play Christian themed metal. God created everything in existence for His glory (Col 1:16) and Skygrave’s Twilight loves to play metal. So Skygrave’s Twilight will use that to glorify God in accordance with His will. That being said, yes. There is a legitimate audience for that kind of music

  1. You guys have been in a number of bands including cause of death. are there lessons you bring from those experiences and how do they shape the overrall direction you guys wish to take?

Definitely. In anything you do, no matter how mundane or eccentric it is, you always leave having learned something. It definitely shapes you in one way or another. So, having been in all those bands, there have been a lot of things to learn. Both at a personal level and at a musical level. And all these experiences shape the music that Skygrave’s Twilight writes and informs the direction the band takes.

  1. You guys mentioned in an interview with AudioInferno that you hope to release new material this year. Is there a single coming out soon, an EP or Full length album? what kind of music is this going to be?

Hopefully if all goes as planned the band might release one or two singles or guitar covers by year’s end. However, a few hiccups have been encountered here and there that might hinder progress. Skygrave’s Twilight will keep the fans updated on that. As for what kind of music it will be, that’s a bit hard to define exactly. It touches on everything from powermetal to MDM, a bit of progressive metal and a bunch of all the other numerous genres in between. It’s just going to be metal. That’s the kind of music it will be. Metal.

  1. Are you guys fond of live shows and if so what sort of crowd do you like playing for?

Skygrave’s Twilight is yet to do a live show. Priority for now is to get the music out there first. It’s all part of the grand vision that guides Skygrave’s Twilight. More on that later. Much much later.

  1. Your band membership is anonymous for now. But if it isnt giving too much away what kind of equipment does your bass guitarist use. in that light how do you find acquiring equipment in Nairobi like?

You can ask anything you want to know about band gear. Skygrave’s Twilight keeps it very minimalistic. Just the bare essentials for that heavy metal feel. The bass Skygrave’s Twilight uses for recording is a standard 4 string bass plugged into the mixer at the studio. The guys at Andromeda Studios sort out everything else in terms of sound. They really know their stuff. You should check out the other bands that have recorded with them. Awesome sound quality. As for acquiring equipment in Nairobi, it’s a bit difficult. you have to sift through a lot of rocks before you find that gem you’re looking for. But with the advent of Hedgehog Studios in Westlands, good quality gear has become available, albeit at a slightly higher price than the ordinary raia is willing to fork out. hehehe

  1. What is your perception of music in general and how have those perceptions and tastes influenced the goals you have for the band?

Skygrave’s Twilight’s perception of music, hmmm let’s see. Music permeates every facet of human nature. it transcends ethnicity, race, gender and every other social stratification there is. It’s like what they say, everyone has a favourite Abba song. Metal head or not, even if you don’t know the name of the song, if someone played like 10 Abba songs,there’s going to be a few you’ll want to dance along to. So yeah. Music is universal and a very good vehicle of fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19 -20)
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