17989_5originalfrom left ; drummer Johann,Bassist Til,vocalist Jasper Older,guitarist Soeren, other guitarist martin
Here’s something to get you hyped for the show tomorrow. Because it would be so weird for us as a Kenyan metal/rock website not to interview the first European Metal to grace our murky scene’s shores.with 4 full length albums 3 splits and EPs  under their belt on their albums until (and including) “Nightmare Inc.”, A Traitor Like Judas played metalcore influenced by melodic death metal. With “Endtimes” they began to drop most of the death-metal influences and turned towards a more hardcore-oriented sound.Their new album Guerrilla heart already getting rave reviews and  some songs from it getting me moshing at home feeling bad about all the bad shit in the world,but still hyped and psyched for all the good things.
When we sent the questions,the band was already so busy on tour and planning the trip here. Even though Jasper Older the vocalist and Til the bassist took the time off their busy schedule to answer all the questions, in a way that as if the whole band was answering them…get it? Anyway these are a bunch of really cool guys, metalheads and  punks (like you and me) making good ass music and making a difference using it.real super heroes. So here you go guys….A Traitor like Judas speaks.
    How did A traitor like Judas Start out? And why did you choose the name a traitor like Judas ? Give us a short Band biography if you may .. who does the band consist of?
ATLJ is a band collective for over 15 years now. Since the guerilla heart full length the band is Jasper/Vox, Sören/Guitar, Martin/Guitar, Johan/Drums and Till/Bass. The name sounds religious but the band itself has no religious background. It´s all about living our dreams as passionated musicians and to have the hell of a time with good friends.
How about being part of helping with Hardcore Help Foundation ? How did that happen?
Since we are started to making music it was important to us to do a bit more than just making music. We are a critical band an d we do care about each other and try to do our best to spread a message of respect, love and peace to the world. Since we got in touch with the hhf many years ago we knew that this is our way to give something back. Since then we try to support international and national/local organisations with our music.
So how did it came to the point that you are touring to Kenya for the Hardcore help Concert?
Well, Rico from the Hardcore help foundation asked us if we could imagine to play Kenya….Hell fucking Yes! So flights are booked
12592590_10154078653491468_6100107019643974655_n.jpgphoto from previous gig
What are you excited about the most in playing in Kenya this April?
Meeting new people in a new country is always the biggest joy. Getting new perspectives and learning from a different culture is mind blowing. We are super interested in the music scene in Kenya and we are really looking forward to taste some delicious food!

 ”Well, Rico from the Hardcore help foundation asked us if we could imagine to play Kenya….Hell fucking Yes! So flights are booked”

Have you ever been to Africa before?
Not as a band. Johan our drummer was in South Africa last year
 So what are the biggest differences you have seen in Kenya compared to Germany/?
I think the struggle the people have in African countries is not comparable to Germany or western Europe states. Similar are the human beings. We are really looking forward to meet some new friends

” Fuck that shit. Who gives a damn about this genre bullshit. Do what you love!”

What do you think about Rammstein. Most Germans I’ve met seem not to like them haha?
Rammstein is a cool Band. Superheavy. Don´t know why most people don´t like em.
As a metalcore /hardcore band.What do you think about the mentality some metalheads and punks have that metalcore is not true metal or True Punk? What would you say to these metalheads/punks?
Fuck that shit. Who gives a damn about this genre bullshit. Do what you love!
You guys have a really fresh different from most metalcore bands. Who are your biggest influences?
Way to many to list. We are listening to a lot of different styles of music.
I’ve Noticed a big New York Hardcore /straight edge sound and vibe in atlj’s riffs and lyrics? Tell me more about this? Are you guys straight edge/ vegan..maybe hardline?
Jasper is edge since 15 years now and most of us are vegan/vegetarian. No hardline shit we are really into PMA ! Express yourself and love Life!
What inspires you the most to make music?
The joy of playing music together is what keeps you hungry. Its our mental therapy when we are going on stage or writing new songs.
You are a very change making and politically inspired band.Even going as far as fundraising for Syrian refugees in Germany in the current EU refugee crisis, and telling Far Right party  supporters in the current german elections not to come to your shows .Can you tell me more about the political standpoint of ATLJ ,and the effects this has brought to the band?
We are a band that stands for respect and tolerance ever since. If you are not into that or think you are a better person because of your birthplace, skin colour, sex whatever…fuck you! Don´t come to our shows and stop listening to our songs. We are really believe in a better future and do our best to support everyone we could.harte
hard music-good message ,metalcore band donates 500euro for refugees in Gronau.
What other Causes apart from HHF are you involved in?
We are involved into local organisations supporting refugees coming to Germany. We really want to support our hometowns and try to inspire other people to do the samejasper helping.jpgsupport hhf.jpg
the guys helping to build a wheelchare making workshop in Naivasha,Kenya yesterday.
Are you guys bringing your own gear to play with or are you going to use the gear here?
I think we bring our guitars/bass
What do you play. you don’t have to go too much into detail…just a little tidbit for the gearheads.. hah
Fernandes/ESP/Schecter guitars/Basses. Normally the guitarists play Kemper amps and Till plays Ampeg. Johan has a Tama Drum kit and Masterwork cymbals
Sweet. Explains why your tunes sounds so sweet ..A lot of ATLJs lyrics are about having fun and friendship ,How do you guys unwind ,have fun when you aren’t playing or saving the world ?
We are really into cooking, meeting friends and spend time with our families
HaHa cooking? OK lemme ask the one pointless question they ask in musician interviews.    Are you guys single and searching? LoL..
All of us are into a relationship.
Oh well sorry girls..hehe..Any last words for the fans awaiting the show on April 2nd?
We are super thankful to get this opportunity in our lives. Come there, hang out and do some stage dives and high 5s
Vielen Dank Jasper Older and Til. Asante sana.See ya at the show...judas gig.jpg
and hoping to see you guys out there in the pit too
come with a lot mullah..the merch that will be sold there as well will make your head explode..and plus its for a good cause..
questions by : Samuel ‘Slammy’ Karugu


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