Architecture is frozen music. Murfy’s flaw makes thawed architecture

Murfy’s Flaw were on the breakfast show, KBC English service. they were represented by, Mukasa (Rhythm/Bass), Reema Doshi (Lead Vocalist) and Njeri (Drums).
Murfy’s Flaw was until recently composed of five ladies and one guy. Mukasa who was formally in Music2Overdrive with Simply Tomas joins on Rhythm Guitar.
Murfy’s Flaw as a name is a parody of Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law is the principle that suggests that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Murfy’s Flaw then represents the sunny side of things, meaning everything that can go right, will go right.
The band gave its insights about a few things:

  1. Where it all started

Most of the band members are professional architects with the exception of Reema Doshi and Njeri. It is a curious dynamic which had me toying with the idea of alternative names for the group, like “Reema and the Architects”. interestingly the band, like other musical groups in the rock scene, was born out of the need to play instruments. The band would meet up in the office, and while on break, would take the opportunity to jam out and play videos of the songs they liked on youtube. They say their music is defined by their fanbase which ranges from soggy toddlers to creaking 75 year olds.
2. Shows
Murfy’s Flaw used to have regular shows at the Alchemist and the spicy Ethiopian restaurant called Daas located in Westlands. Murfy’s Flaw were pushed into organising their own shows after having bad experiences with show promoters who were out to swindle them. This partly inspired the song ‘A-ha’ which features Nambari Tisa on vocals and is sang largely in swahili. At the moment the band doesn’t do regularly scheduled shows as the need arises. their next show will be at the Samosa Festival in July. check their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter for updates.
3. Radio Play
the band expressed its dismay at the way the music industry is structured. chiefly reiterating what Reema Doshi said, the music industry fails musicians by giving it limited airplay. without radio play, consumers have no way of finding out if a band has put out new music or where to download it from. Kenya particularly has a bizzare way of cataloguing music. there is a special tag radio uses. They classify music as local and only play a handful of songs from Kenyan artists. the feeling is that this needs to change. Kenyan music needs to stop being categorized as a special class, such that, when it is played, it looks so bizarre of becomes a cause for some sort of major achievement. playing local music needs to be common place, so that in time, the tag local goes out of use.
Reema also expressed her dissatisfaction with how independent acts like Murfy’s Flaw find it difficult to distribute their music. Bookshops and Supermarkets really give bands a hard time when it comes to distributing their albums through them. Fans have grown tired of being asked to access music through iTunes and Soundcloud and the industry needs to find better ways of helping artists make their music accessible.
4. New Music
Murfy’s Flaw is recording new material for their third album. they will be sampling some of their new material at their live shows if you want to have a listen. Meanwhile you can check out their other Albums, “Makosa” and “Hello Light”.

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