[upcoming shows] Platform 7 – Absolution


Venue: Crooqed Q’s, Westlands
Date:Saturday 30th July, 2016

May and July have been quiet months as far as shows are concerned. However, this coming July Battle of the Bands brings you platform 7 at Crooqed Qs. The last Platform 7 featured Seismic, Murfy’s Flaw and Rock of Ages. Rock of Ages came out show stealers, sparking debate between us and our editor if they aren’t in fact the best thing to have happened since Pizza. Murfy’s Flaw featured some new material from their upcoming album which we will be reviewing the shit out of when it drops!! Seismic made an appearance with a new bassist and being fronted by the boisterous Rafael Sipalla.
This time around expect to see a very new line up of bands.
Kikuyu rock act Kanyeki will be playing. this will be the very first time Im watching them live. They sing mostly in Kikuyu. But you know what they say, Music knows no ethnicity.
Bassiiiv an alternative rock/afro fusion act will also feature here. I havnt heard of them before and it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table. Hopefully I can pull off an interview with them and see what they are about.
beloved Rash are also in the line up. Expect Jona Mwendwa to rock his signature cornrows and to bring his big bad red bass guitar. They have a pretty healthy set list of own composition but Im sure they’ll play a few AC/DC songs and that Bob Marley cover.
Last but not least is the songstress RISH famed for the singles, At the End of the Day, the Hate Song and most recently,”My Strength”.
So be a good sport and save the date, or better yet bring one. Tickets go for 500bob. Karugu make sure you bring your camera this time!

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