[Interview] In Oath, where it all started, the pitfalls and where we are now


We sat down with in Oath. Lead Vocalist Douglas Kihoro and guitarist Christopher Lilako speak about where the band has been, the challenges they’ve faced and most importantly why time travel is a bad idea. XD

  1. If you had a time machine, would you use it, or are you afraid of messing with the timeline?

A no brainer for me actually. I wouldn’t want to mess with timelines. My belief is, the timeline I am actively living is the timeline I’m meant to … and that is perfection…. that and I wouldn’t want to relive the fantastic 4 reboot cry emoticon
Id for sure mess around with the timeline. Try save as many lives as possible, Kill Hitler and find out how the pyramids were made.
Anything is possible with a time machine…Oh yah and ride a T-Rex.

  1. Now assuming that you took with you a couple of people on your trip back into the past where In Oath was first formed, pretend that you could talk like Morgan Freeman and narrate the genesis of In Oath.

Chris: Well Sir, there came a time when we were young, wearing the baggiest of trousers and walking a distance to showcase our talent.
First it was me and Christian rocking acoustics and jamming the hell out of Killswitch Engage because we thought we could learn how to play their songs despite not owning electric guitars at the time. This was in 07′-08′ after learning how to play a couple of metal songs. Christian got an Electric guitar then we decided to recruit. George ‘The Machine’ as we called him then became our drummer. We practically talked ourselves and each other how to better our craft.
I became the vocalist since we could’nt find someone who could do proper growls. I bit the bullet there cause I really wanted to play the guitar but you’ve got to compromise sometimes to make things work. We all loved the band. We recruited our good friends Alan on bass (from my highschool) and my boy Bobby, therehence InOath became a thing.

Douglas Kihoro

Doug: When in oath started, I was more or less in the sidelines ….and I remember the energy … something I hadn’t seen in ages…. and I knew at that point, I’d want to be a part of something as great

  1. As a band that has seen a lot how would you describe the rock scene then when you guys started out? What are some of the things that made it great and what did you silently wish guys would stop doing.

Doug:  The rock scene started out small, so small that we all had each other’s numbers. It was a family of misfits and lovers of a looked down upon genre of music. It was home and that’s what helped it grow. People need to go back to that. To the acceptance bit of it all and to mutual support for fans and bands.

Chris: Opportunity was what we had back in the day. The monthly Battle of the Bands at Rez aka Rezzaurus (I think I spelt it right) just gave everyone and anyone a chance to witness Kenyan Rock and Metal bands in action. I was invited to go once and just got hooked and very surprised we had Rock/Metal performances live in Kenya.
That was the birthplace of the idea that I too could start a band with my trusted comrade and showcase what we could do. Lol I don’t really know about the scene now so I can’t judge honestly.
I may not like a couple of things now but everyone’s got an opinion. All I can do is appreciate bands today.

  1. Have you ever had moments when you questioned your musical journey, wanted to quit?

Doug:  So so many times, life hits hard and you feel like its the only way out, but the thing is, jumping off a moving train mid journey doesn’t get you any closer…..brave it out …. it gets better

Chris: We’ve been going through tough parts of our lives so it gets to you especially when you don’t like to disappoint people.
But then you’re reminded on patience and motivation. Once you’ve got something meaningful and means a lot to people, you just can’t quite it.

  1. As lilako describe how you balance doing guitars, leading the band and mixing and mastering at the same time?

Chris: Haha, I just pray to Cthulthu then bath in pig piss. Works all the time. lol Kiddin. I just do what needs to be done. Thats how i make it work.

  1. What is “Yagami Mastering” and what value if any has it added to In Oath, or to you as a musician?

Chris: It’s my upcoming studio basically in the middle of my apartment. Well, I went and studied Audio Engineering/ Audio in media so it’s what I’ve learnt put into action. I’ve always wanted to be an Audio Engineer in profession so building my own studio for my pips, putting my skill to the test for my pips is one hell of a blessing.

  1. Your band line up has changed a lot over the years, what would you say accounted for that?

Chris: Well, We are all human beings with needs and wants and change and new beginnings so there comes a time we have to make tough choices or choices for the better that he himself has made. People change and I respect change and appreciate it too.

  1. What is the current line up of In Oath?

Douglas Kihoro, Christopher Lilako and Larry Kim

  1. What are the prospects of seeing you guys live again

Chris: In the middle. We will and plan to but we’ve got to plan and do it right because of our circumstances.

  1. Describe In Oath using a weapon.

Doug: 11. Hmm … if in oath was a weapon, it would have to be an m16 … loud, heavy, and gets the job done ………

  1. I have noticed a curious thing. Round about the time you guys released Eulogy, other bands were also releasing music. What would you say accounted for that phenomenon?

Chris: It was a time the music industry wasn’t giving us what we wanted, especially with Rock or Metal music. Most studios didn’t know how to produce it well and us as musicians were tired.
Well, most of us. Therehence Nick and Stan were working out their studio, Andromeda. Eulogy became their first studio album and we were happy with the results.

  1. Would you say it was positive pressure that caused that? Do you think that feat could be repeated?

Chris: Yes. It was positive pressure to do it ourselves as members of the community. Its had to say today.
There are pivotal parts of life. Then was a pivotal part, now though, there could be a resurgence. Question is when because we dont always know.

  1. Speaking of records, your first full length album, ‘Bread of Disposition’ has taken light years to be released. What’s with the hold up?

Chris: Circumstances beyond our control. We have all the tracks ready funny enough but things come between our plans that we just can’t control but we are sorting it out.

Doug:  A few personal set backs on my end held the album back …..and the one thing I ended up learning is either your band is your family or you band is not a band ….they stuck with me through it and we are back on track … and weirdly enough, the album has evolved in a number of ways which we’re proud of and with the insane amount of work Chris is putting into the mixing and mastering, we expect to melt faces

  1. If you had the chance, what would you do differently?

Doug: 15. Frankly if I had the chance, I’d have a 2nd backup for my data … lol .. but seriously, id change nothing … i feel like I’ve grown and the brand has also grown … and i guess it’s what they say, every moment has led to this …. why change it?
Chris: Pre pre pre plan and thank God we are still in this lol We still do but there have been some really downer moments.

  1. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

Doug: 16. Lol .. I was once on stage as a solo act, long before i met these bros, and the DJ found it worth it to mix my set and add sirens and glass shatters … lol .. left me confused …. definitely a night worth remembering …
Chris:1st perfomance at Rezzaurus. Screaming lyrics at people who had no idea what they were lmao thats my most embarassing.

  1. what is the first guitar you ever used and what cool toys have you acquired over the years?

Chris: My mum bought me a Yamaha acoustic in 06′ 07′ for my birthday. i think it was an F310.
Now I rock a Dean Razorback and An ESP LTD H351NT. New toys, i got this ADA Preamp that sounds great. Good addition to add extra bite when im recording.
Studio wise I’m investing in pro gear. Might take me years to get what I really need but a step at a time.

  1. If you were to give advice to someone who’d want to succeed in the music business, what would you tell them?

Doug: Stick to it. its all there is, i wont lie that its all roses and cotton candy … its tough but passion keeps you going … and also moshpits … .. but mostly the passion ….. just play what you play, scream what you scream and dont be afraid to grow
Chris: Success is relative but will power, love and all that hullabaloo, flowers and candy is what you need in anything in life.
Let the low points guide you to greatness and the High points humble you in resolve. thats all you need.

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