The Seeds of Datura; a Day in their Lives

Seeds of Datura are a Progressive Metal Band from Nairobi Kenya, formed in July 2016 by a group dreamers. Datura Stramonium, the plant the band is named after, has very many uses, among them, as a hallucinogenic agent. Its consumption produces intense visions and I know for experimenters this sentence hits them like a hurricane. If you are a spiritual person looking for a gateway or a new, different insight into the universe, this is your drug. After seeing a picture, I realized that I do fucking know this plant, oh my God I can totally get to one!! .Kids in up country use the fruit thorns to comb back their hair on the way to school and I can’t answer why or how I know that. Now you know the inspiration behind their name. I can’t wait to hear what their music will sound like but I definitely do have an idea already.

I was in the recording room with these dreamers. The passion was unmistakable. Each comfortable in a manner of their choosing. You observe them and see freedom. Creativity- hijacked souls choosing their lives, daring to dream. 

And this place is the ultimate description of its name: Realm of Mist. The environs are like nothing you see on a daily basis. The atmosphere tells you that here, nature is alive, that nature rules. All kinds of trees are present, magnificent, tall and wise with old age, the thickets are dense with crickets and vast, green rich fields of tea leaves curve the landscape up and down. It is the ultimate showcase of the Kenyan highlands. Seated outside and looking up, even the clouds look alive, like they’re purposely gathered here to listen. 
Amidst all these; one roof hosts creative souls, working together with one intention: Music. Music makes them forget to eat, for in its own way nourishes the soul.
It only took me a half a day to see that this is a great talented team. Wilson Muia, a brutal guitarist, and according to me, the ultimate sweetheart of the band. In a way, he reminds me of Toki Wartooth from Dethklok. Mordecai is the walking encyclopedia of human perception of music; things you didn’t even know drive people to make music the way they do; the ultimate drive or configuration of a real musician. Facts, not even you, the book warm, will easily find in a book. I for instance love facts, they excite me, the feeling of coming to a new piece of information that is of interest to me is overwhelming, like I want to hoard it forever and make it make me happy. He plays bass and is also a violinist. Lawrence Muchemi plays drums. He sort of reminds me of Jua Cali, that kind of coolness. I’ve known him the longest. Sultan, aka Jesus of Nazareth, as baptized on the road back from ‘Datura falls’, likes to bury his face in his guitar, in a Metallica sort of nothing else matters right now kind of way, another apparent talent. Daniel is the vocalist, sings the shit out of his soul. Plus, he is the fashion icon of the band, like in a red carpet event, I think the rest would probably show up in tees but he would go for a designer suit. Martin is the growling machine of a vocalist, he is a great writer and thinker too. It just feels unreal. Even the others smile, a confirmation, that this is where their hearts all are, a realization that something big is happening.
This is my first studio experience and all thanks to “The Seeds”, as I will now call them. My first time to play an electric guitar too, and you know what, compared to my red acoustic that I call Blue, it is sort of a heavy motherfucker, and I loved every moment of it. After a long indulgent day, it’s very important to unwind and only one place seals it off for them; The Lawrence Falls, also baptized as;
One drop, two drops, the water falls, down to meet The Faceless White Witch of War.
Her hair snows as her stare glares, forever watching the resting wanderers,
In this enchanted place that has become their home,
Where everything and nothing is one.
The further by a mile, the more enticing, a whole new world to a new wanderer.
The story ends with victory, for the warrior that falls on her hair gracefully receives majesty and victory, while his opponent is unpreparedly crashed upon the unforgiving face of the hardened earth,
His journey filled with envy, anger and instability.
This battle goes on forever, bringing forth fury for the deceiver.
Here she is the Queen, this witch, and silently she observes the wanderers in their quest for a connection.
She welcomes them, I reckon, I can feel no hostility.
The Journey of the Warriors goes on and on, their destiny for the wanderers fulfilled,
Another manifestation of life’s synchronicity.
By Bernice Hetfield 

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