Month: October 2016

Brutal mozambican metal band ''Norbromide NMD'' heads for Nairobi

As a mozambican what are your views about the kenyan government recognizing the shared Mozambican/kenyan tribe of the maconde/makonde… Protesting to get recognized as Kenyan citizens and getting IDs by December? Almost the same time as u performing here.. Is it a sign? headed here to play a gig this November 5th together with all for nothing from Nertherlands and a bunch other awesome kenyan metal/rock acts.I know right? two international bands in one gig and a so many other awesome gigs happening this year. At first I didn’t know these guys were playing I thought only AFN were coming…then one time while out drinking with a fellow metalhead and he shows me this facebook video of NMD playing at some club..They sounded so good and I demanded to know who they were..

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