Playing music is one of the most amazing things ever.
It’s extra special when that same music enables you to travel to Kenya with your best friends.

When I first heard that that “ALL FOR NOTHING”  was playing here I was already hyped even though I had never listened to them, because I knew after  HHF did their last gig here in 2016 bringing us “A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS” from Germany ,that those guys don’t joke around and it’s always for a good cause . Then later I googled them and then I listened to them and..ohh was I hyped..they are awesome …we had to interview them and figure out  how these maniacs tick..before they come and changamsha us to death this November. You can check out their bio <>

 Despite their busy recording schedule Cindy and Joost  answered the questions during some downtime in the studio where they are recording their new album.
Soo Lets get this started… How did you guys end up deciding to play here?
Cindy:When Rico started the Hardcore Help Foundation in 2011 after the Japan Tsunami, we wanted to do our part in helping out.
So we decided to print a collaboration shirt.
Ever since then we stayed in touch and worked together here and there.
It’s amazing to see what music lovers can accomplish when they unite their efforts.
So when Rico asked us to do the Nairobi show we said yes straight away.
Ever been in Africa or Kenya before?
Joost: NEVER! Haha. It’s a first for me. We’re all super excited.
I don’t think anyone currently playing in AFN ever has ever set foot on your continent.
What do you expect at the show?
Cindy: We heard your scene is still growing but very supportive.
So we hope to have a great time with a lots of stage-dives.
What are u most excited to see n experience in Africa?
Cindy: The people and life in general
Joost: I agree! It’s always great to discover countries we have it been to before and make new friends.
What do you think of the Kenyan scene so far.. Like from what you have seen from the internet n stuff?
Joost: We don’t see a lot of exposure in the media and online about the Kenyan scene.
Being in touch with David (Mburu) of Last Year’s Tragedy was our first real introduction to what’s going on over there.

So we hope to have a great time with a lots of stage-dives.

You guys have some really hopeful motivational lyrics.. Why the name ‘all for nothing’ when your music seems like its ‘ all for something ‘?
Cindy: Not everything is what it seems 😉
Playing and touring like you guys do is hard work i imagine..
What is the driving force behind you guys n why?
Cindy: The love for music and the adventure that comes with that.
Joost: Playing music is one of the most amazing things ever.
It’s extra special when that same music enables you to travel to Kenya with your best friends.
Fave african/kenyan metal punk or rock bands?
Cindy:We checked out all bands that we will be playing with and we like them all!
It’s a cliché thing to say but it’s true… You guys have some great bands over there.
Can you tell us what the Dutch metal/hardcore scene is like…it is pretty obscure..
And unknown…to many here
Joost: Our music scene is quite big but somehow the metal, punk and hardcore scene got a bit divided over time. But there are still loads of cool bands and cool shows.
If you’re interested in Dutch bands you could check out some the stuff White Russian Records puts out. Also check out our friends in No Turning Back and For I Am King
Have u guys ever worn wooden shoes… Lol.. Thats a dutch thing right?
Cindy: That’s right. It’s and old farmer thing.
Joost: I used to have some as a kid! Only farmers wear them these days.
I guess it’s the world’s first safety shoe.
Haha.. your mosh pits are insane from what I’ve seen in ur performance videos… Can you give some mosh tips to all the guys n gals who always leave the pit with a bangover the next day..
Cindy: Take the next day off
Joost: Practice more 🙂
Fan questions:
Does the lead singer like breaking stuff? She looks like she does.. Daniel kobimbo
Joost: She would never do that on purpose. haha
Will u guys be carrying your own equipment here or using the equipment here.. What will you carry if so?  Josh Sosuemi
Cindy: We can only bring our guitars, effects and basic drum breakables.
I like your guitar sound a lot… So crunchy and big… Do u get all that from the amp or u use pedals?  Samuel slammy
Joost: The guitar guys use a combination of a peavey amps, a tubescreamer and a noise suppressor.
If you were not musicians what would you be doing workwise?  Kiarie Ray
Cindy: We actually have day jobs next to the band. I am a social worker, Joost does tour support, Ernst works in marketing, Roel is an engineer and a drum teacher and Tim is a sound engineer. Tim isn’t able to come to Kenya with us unfortunately, so we’re bringing our friend Robert in his place. He plays guitar in Ghost Years and he teaches English.
Your line up has changed over the years. Are there elements you have lost due to the changes. Are there certain elements you consciously had to drop for the band to work with new personnel?
Cindy: I can’t really think of anything.
Joost: So far all the changes have not caused us to lose anything. Having new people in the band with fresh ideas really helps the creative process.
Joost: I’ve been in bands with and without female members. To me it makes no difference. We’re not a very political band but we do write about things we see happening around the world, and have a strong opinion about.
For example we all strongly believe in equal rights for everybody, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or personal beliefs.
Joost :I guess we understand the words that are the same or similar
Joost: I think we answered all the questions, right?
Cindy: Yes, that was all of them.
Shout out to everybody who’s coming out to the show.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
You can catch ‘All for Nothing’ LIVE in Nairobi @Alchemist Bar on November 5th, where they lay alongside other 3 Kenyan Acts and Mozambican juggernauts Nobormide NMD

Interview by:
Samuel Karugu



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