Brutal mozambican metal band ''Norbromide NMD'' heads for Nairobi


Unless you have been living in a hole somewhere you must know that mozambique’s own norbromide NMD are headed here to play a gig this November 5th together with all for nothing   from Nertherlands  and a bunch other awesome kenyan metal/rock acts.I know right? two international bands in one gig  and a so many other awesome gigs happening this year. At first I didn’t know these guys were playing I thought only AFN were coming…then one time while out drinking with a fellow metalhead and he shows me this facebook video of NMD playing at some club..They sounded so good and I demanded to know who they were..he tells me that they are a band for mozambique coming to play here on the  #this isafrica fest event. I was so excited.and we at heavy and the beast had to interview this guys.It’s our duty. We hit up the only member of the band we could find ..the drummer Stino Matola ..and we had a chat via whatsapp..some kenyan metal/rock fans also helped with the questions
So firstly u guys came in pretty late into the gig roster.. How did that come about?  Or was it all part of the plan?
Stino Matola: I saw the event, I was very interested in playing in Kenya from since I knew the band last year tragedy, they were supposed to share stage with us in the goro fest crossing countries in Pretoria. So I contacted David and then Rico, its was hard to convince them but finally they accepted us in, they are super radical guys who are ready to open exception and give a chance who need it. We thank them for this trip.
I love the name of the band. How did you come up with the name norbormide. What does it mean?
Stino Matola: We came out with Norbormide as our name, because it was in a list of 4 names that our guitarist Mitch came out with, my bass player Macas read it and just feel in love, I wasn’t sure about it but with time a started liking the idea.
Norbormide (Raticate, Shoxin) is a toxic compound used as a rodenticide. It has several mechanisms of action, acting as a vasoconstrictor and calcium channel blocker,but is selectively toxic to rats and has relatively low toxicity to other species, due to a species specific action of opening the permeability transition pores in rat mitochondria.Nmd it’s Norbormide just smaller version hahahaha

Norbormide (Raticate, Shoxin) is a toxic compound used as a rodenticide. It has several mechanisms of action, acting as a vasoconstrictor and calcium channel blocker,but is selectively toxic to rats and has relatively low toxicity to other species

How is the metal/rock scene right now in mozambique? How is stuff in general?
Stino Matola: Metal scene is growing in Maputo, Beira, the 2 cities that’s has metal in Mozambique, we have about 5 annual festival in maputo (gorofest, rock fest, dark fest, the roots and ovni fest) I am producer for rock fest.  And Beira has Mussindo Harminico fest.  We have solid bands The thing is Mozambique doesn’t have competition when it’s about bands, we have one band for each genre of metal or rock.
Do u guys get really drunk n high at shows in mozambique or are most people straight edge? Haha
Stino Matola: Yes I guess they are, if not, they will get once we start playing Drugs and alcohol are almost everywhere, in metal here you see people drinking not much smoking. But we don’t have many cases of toxic dependence. Just beer lovers as like anywhere in the would.  Me my self and my band mates except daude our vocalist we drink no one smokes  I don’t usually drink before stage  One beer takes all my concentration
14358971_1778565475720369_7507915859390507428_nStino matola from Norbormide 
Whoa.. Brutal  ..Can you suggest some awesome Mozambican bands for your fans out here?
Stino Matola: Mozambique Bands: damning cloudiness DC, dwd, magana, the lost grave, the rhinos, névoa, Pablo batista, on the way
I’m gonna look for all them… 🙂 Haha.. Our scene and country are way smaller what do you expect to find and experience here?
Stino Matola:We are expecting to feel the energy of the mosh, we have seen some sick videos of Vanda playing, rash and last year tragedy and the crowd went crazy  And we are expecting to feel the charisma that we feel from metalheads from other places we went

                                             the energy of the mosh

As a mozambican what are your views  about the kenyan government recognizing the shared Mozambican/kenyan tribe of the maconde/makonde… Protesting to get recognized as Kenyan citizens and getting IDs by December? Almost the same time as u performing here.. Is it a sign? hehe

Stino Matola: They are Africans and they chose Nairobi, I think it’s fair for them to be recognized as Kenyans, they walked there literally that’s not something you hear everyday. And I think president Kenyatta received them the best way you can be received in a country, different from what we hear these days, what a wise man.
Ok, now fan questions…
James Animeniac Prometheus from kariobangi asks:…
Will you bring merchandise and food and drinks from mozambique with you?
Stino Matola : We not sure but are planning to print some shirts and stickers.
Daniel kobimbo from limuru, kenya asks :
what makes their music different?
Do they think there are genuine issues that metal stands for in Africa or is their music purely propelled by the need to express themselves through the medium of extreme music?
can they give details of things they have had to sacrifice to make it possible to do metal?
  Stino Matola : What makes our music different is because of our bands members versatility, Roberto our solo guitar plays jazz and his influences are bands like animals as leaders and so on. Me I am in to metal core and our bass player macas listen to the craziest gere you can imagine and he use to look like a hip hop guy, and daude(vocalist) and michel(lead g) are death metal and death core lovers. That’s why our music is a bit creepy..
…We had to sacrifice our and neighbors sleep to make this happen, made a song about it called brothers, as me and macas work during day the only ways to rehears at night usually from 8, and during the first 8 moths Monday’s Wednesday’s and Friday’s we left Studio at 2 to 3am,that’s how we managed to creat all these songs, by that time it was just me michel and macas, we struggled to have a vocalist who would follow up with that kind of energy we had, but finally we met our first official vocalist Crowley that after some gigs he unfortunately passed away, we kept moving then came Roberto and daude.
I’m sure most kenyan bands and fans can relate with that sacrifice.. So cool to hear that u all experience the similar stuff… That sucks about your last vocalist.. That’s really unfortunate.. We’ll all mosh harder in his honour.. \m/ thank you for the interview see you on November 5th

video of NMD LIVE in mozambique :

Norbormida Live@Gil Vicente

Posted by Norbormide NMD on Sunday, September 18, 2016

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