Belgian Doom Band,'Imber Luminis' to feature The Seeds of Datura bassist, Mordecai Ogayo in Project.


Mordecai Ogayo is working on a collaborative feature with Belgian Doom band, Imber Luminis.

Mordecai Ogayo

Imber Luminis, a brainchild of Belgium based Deha, who also plays live with ‘Shapes of Despair’ announced the forthcoming release of a concept album titled ‘Nausea’. 

It is a 40 minute cycle with 8 parts with each part featuring musicians from different countries. 
The album is based on the classical novel ‘La Nausee’ by French existentialist and Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

Mordecai is contributing lyrics to the project on the track titled ‘The Withering and the Wake’.
Be sure to check it out.

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