Can bands expect fan support without distributing their music effectively?


Just take a second and imagine you growing up without any support from either family or friends (I wouldn’t be who I am today or maybe even alive).

Yes that’s how we should look at our bands, these guys work their asses off toensure we are always entertained. All we do is just run our mouths and say how good they are. Yes that is also support but truth be told words only cannot motivate the bands to go back to the studio to give us even better stuff.

Between August 2016 and April 2017, 5 albums were released:
Rash- Only few survivors
Andromeda – Underscore the Architect
Irony Destroyed – Strife to legacy 
Kanyeki – Kanyeki the EP
Hybrid Actuary- The way of the Hybrid
These 5 albums are the reason I can proudly say ‘najivunia kuwa mkenya’because they are just amazing; but the big question is how many people bought either one or all of albums. Okay maybe minus “Strife to Legacy” since it’s the new kid on the block. The others are more than 6 months old so someone cannot say he/she is not aware that the albums exist.
I know our economy is so fucked up but these albums cost ksh 500-1000 that is equivalent to 2-5 beers (affordable yeah) or harambee can work. Talk to a friend and both of you can contribute half the amount and get an album. Let us all support our bands by buying their music if we don’t support them who will, clearly not the hip hop kids nor rhumba wazee?
Fans are not the only ones to blame. The bands have also failed when it comes to marketing and distribution. Seriously bands have to up their game when it comes to marketing. You cannot release an album, don’t do any marketing and expect more sales. No it doesn’t work that way. Use all means whether if it is via social media oreven going out there to meet the fans in person.
I was impressed by Irony Destroyed their album has been out for less than 2 week but many people know about it(even my twin she is usually the last one to find out about Kenyan stuff lol) and even non –rockers were aware that they released an album, the person incharge of their twitter handle did a very good job I have to say I rarely smile but that I was just smiling while reading those tweets, and on 23 rd they will be at club sevens meeting fans, yes Irony destroyed that’s the way this shit is done, other bands should emulate this.
The bands should make sure the albums are available both on online platforms as well as physical copies; according to (conversation,2015) the sales of compact disc are showing a decline as music lovers ditch compact disc for digital downloads, but there are other fans who still prefer the physical copies, therefore the bands should make sure all the fans are catered for.
Fans let us support our bands by buying their music, as for bands before releasing arecord ensure you have a good marketing strategy.
Yvonne Ndubi

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