An interview with Bizzaro on his favorite bands and his journey


There’s one human being that is always present at each and every gig, he is usually the one starting up the moshpit( he owns that moshpit) and ever unleashing screams and growls. So I decided to have a sit-down with him.
I am curious, where did the name Bizarro come from?
Years back I used to do bizarre stuff I will not mention them though. secondly, I am a huge fan of zombie Superman Bizarro.
Tell me about your rock/metal journey
I started listening to rock back in high school; I used to listen to Linkin Park and greenday. I got into metal after high school, I was influenced by my friends and after listening to Amon Amarth I got hooked on metal (metal is very addictive). In 2010 I attended my first event at choices club and that was the genesis of many more gigs
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So how did you feel about Linkin Park switch to pop given that LP was one of your first favourite bands
I was and still very disappointed, I have always admired Chester’s vocals (screams), I wasn’t ready for that mellow actually I will never be ready
Who inspired you to start unleashing those screams and growls?
Chizi (LYT) and Martin Kanja (LOADB, The Seeds of Datura)
Time to talk about Aphasia
Okay it was formerly known as bodies in the ocean, when Douglas left to In Oath I replaced him as the lead vocalist but due to school and work stuff I did not record a song with them but hey that’s in the past because Aphasia is active we have been practicing, working on songs and shows will be announced soon but I will not mention the line-up though, that’s a surprise.
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What are your favourite bands?
Locally; Last Year Tragedy (LYT), Mortal Soul and Lust of a Dying Breed.
Internationally Suicide silence even though their new album isn’t exactly what I expected of them.
What are the 5 things you can’t live without?
Alcohol (sips beer)
Hahaha those are six and you mentioned alcohol twice
Hahaha yes alcohol *2
What if Bizarro was food?
He would definitely be Steak because am accompanied by a beer during most meals.
What is your most embarrassing moment ‘
Hahaha well in October 2015 during platform 7 at Daas Restaurant Parking Lot Grass were performing and Dun handed me the mic I got so excited I got on stage and guess what happened I tore my pants and there I was thinking guys were enjoying my performance but no they were laughing at me.
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Your say on the future of the scene
It’s positive there more bands coming up, there are more shows our music getting airplay thanks to dj Tumz, Edygrim, Kevntyce and Signal.
Parting shot
The scene is still small and unity is the key bands should support each other, the DJs should do the same and fans should love each other as much as they love their bands.
To the new and upcoming bands, the scene is very welcoming and you will get all the support
As for other bands do music out of love and passion money shouldn’t be the priority grow your bands first.
As for everyone else in the scene we should look out for one another the love should not only be seen in the moshpit or during the shows but outside the scene as well

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Image courtesy of Portia T photography

on behalf of Aphasia Band, I would like to apologise to our fans for not keeping our promises and we will not let you down.
Interview by
Yvonne Ndubi.

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