Truth and It's Burden – I Labour: Triumphant, Commendably Diverse and Energetic

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I labour is the third studio album of the South African hardcore band Truth and Its Burden. The album was released in July 2017, with a much softer sound than their previous albums Choices and their debut album Sending Hope Home. The band was formed in 2009, by band members Ashley de Beer, (vocals) ¸ Calvin (guitar), Dale (drums) and Craig (bass) with the aim to bring a sincere message of hope. This album is bound to bring your moods up at any time.
The album starts heavy with breakdowns, heavy riffs and screams as it softens toward the middle songs with a combination of screams and clean vocals as well as catchy refrains, easy to learn and sing along to. These are very energizing songs. You will also appreciate the effort put into the songwriting and arrangements to bring about a commendable diversity to individual songs, with an infectious melody especially in songs with a combination of screaming and clean vocals. I like the song titles too; they hammer on the theme of positivity of the whole album and drive the message home.  ”Live through Hell”, ”Fortified”, ”Weightless” and ”Iron and Fire” are just but some of the songs to pay attention to.
I personally found the album art cover quite intriguing but I feel it should be left one’s to imagination and perspective. The message in all songs is crystal clear; stay positive as you experience challenges and go through rough times while trying to figure out your place in the world. ”I Labour” comes easily recommended.
Review by Bernice Nyambura

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