Post-Rock Quartet 'Shipwrecks' to Release Debut Full Length in November


Cologne based post-rock outfit Shipwrecks is set to release their debut full length titled Shipwrecks on the 10th of November 2017.
Having played support for bands like Explosions in the Sky, Immanu El, Tiny Fingers and Exxasens and played at festivals like the New Fall Festival and the Open Source Festival. Shipwrecks will also perform at the Vivid Festival in Kristiansand, Norway in September as they prepare for their full-length release.
This emotionally dynamic record stands out with stirring and polished execution. Much like their 2015 EP by the same name, this unforgettable full length continues to push the boundaries of post-rock with sheer eloquence and organic musicality.
The band entrusted the mastering of the record to Cult of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg, who gave the album its finishing touches; further scene fame provides a short guest appearance by Daniel Juline (EF/Halo of Pendor) on the accordion.
The cover artwork is taken from a 1.3 x 0.6-meter mixed media assemblage created from wood, pieces of rusty metal, fossils, child’s toys, lava rock, a sea urchin and countless other bizarre findings from around the world. Crafted by the band’s drummer, this work of art underlines the beginnings of a do it yourself attitude, a peculiarly personal musicianship that is varied in expression and grounded in a rich and delicate sincerity.
Their delicately detailed approach represents a sort of calming down of thoughts, achieving a sense of nirvana; a calm, peaceful, enveloping sensation. There is an utmost fielty to individual distinction such that, from the onset, you feel drawn to every detail; the distinctly buzzing bass, droning like a whale beneath the ocean depths. Or like unto smoke, wistful and awning harmonies, like the sounds of the rising morning, are the breathless atmospherics. This tenderly nuanced character is something of a continued cultivation from songs (drawn from the EP) like ‘Telescope’ and ‘Owls’, and with this organic full length, the field is expanded. This is the one thread that runs perpendicular in all songs from the EP to the full length.
Absent of vocals this record still manages to wax poetic. Melting into the fabric of sound, one is carried off as the guitars like the harmony of a multitude of stars chimes away in a chorus. Exotic percussions flutter in that expansive void like the wings of a throng of ravens. This record captures the most delicate of sensibilities and lets them trickle in sweet little beads of rhythm, like morning dew on blades of freshly budding verdant grass. Majestic and glorious, songs like ‘Maelstrom are like a cure for dampened spirits. In this bizarrely tempered mix, there is also a touch of consoling melodies in songs like ‘Home’ where mesmerising guitars with illuminated strings glow much like the ethereal songs that dot each and every track on here. Daunting little homages to blackgaze also dot the landscape, pulling away smoothly from the more emotive and warm parts of this composition.
The record with a run time of 43 minutes, engenders a sweet sadness peacefully reassuring in craftsmanship but its soul feels terribly awake to a longing that forever remains unquenched, pleasures almost in one’s grasp, like an all too vivid dream that evaporates with the dawning of the day. It is incredibly satisfying.

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