This Week’s Rock Charts


How are your favoring local rock songs performing on the charts? We decided to take a look and here’s how things stand as of this week.
105.5 X FM’s Weekly Top 30 chart now features a neck to neck competition from local rock musicians. This is the chart as it stands:
#12. 1000 Fahrenheit – Love Never Fails
#11. Andromeda Music feat Rish –  Hallelujah (Remember Me)
#8. Crystal Axis – Leopold
#5. 20 More Days feat Spikes Mashairi  – Nairobi
#4. 20 More Days – Chepchumba
#2. RISH feat George Atsula – Habits
#1. 20 More Days – About the Money (Maisha)
That’s seven local rock songs on the top 30 chart. However metal isn’t getting the same kind of love as its rock counterpart. Regardless, the local scene is still getting acknowledged on the African Metal charts. In Oath’s recently released Deity and the Decadent debuts at number 9 on the chart.

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