Powerslide's Fourth Single Will Feature Vocalist Martin Kanja

Nairobi’s punk rock trio , Powerslide announced plans to release a new single Monsters and Men that will feature Martin Kanja on vocals. This will be their fourth studio release since The Keed in late August last year. Monsters and Men will be a collaboration between the Nairobi based skaters, their second to date, having already featured Daniel ‘Bizzaro’ Wanyeki on their third release, Serpents in Your Heart. Monstors and Men will feature Martin Kanja who is known for his vocal performances for deathcore band Lust of A Dying Breed and more recently, the extreme metal band The Seeds of Datura. Powerslide have no intention of stopping there and have further announced plans to feature drummer Lawrence Muchemi in another song called I Want To Make War To You.

Martin Kanja performing at 2017’s “This is Africa Fest” (Photo by Portia Muigai)

Powerslide guitarist and vocalist Willy Ojiro gave us some insights on this planned release and said thus;

“It’s about embracing the demon in you. Monsters and Men is actually part of a four part story that goes in the chronological order of the singles we’ve released (but) I’ll explain that bit once the album is released.”

Initial recording was done at Realm of Mist Studios while Kanja’s vocals were tracked at Lenny Kiano’s (guitarist Irony Destroyed) studio but there has been no mention of a release date.
This latest news comes in the wake of what is beginning to be a trend of sorts, where more and more rock and metal bands have began collaboration on projects. Swahili hard rock band Rash have had their’s with former Parking Lot Grass singer Rafael Sipalla and the grapevine is replete with unconfirmed plans for more collaborations.
Powerslide music is available for purchase on BandCamp and also available for streaming on Youtube.
Powerslide also announced their first live performance outing, playing alongside fellow punk rockers Crystal Axis and the long island New York alternative hardrock band, Stray From The Path. This will be at this year’s edition of This is Africa Fest that is scheduled for the 2nd of June at Choices Pub, Baricho Road.

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