The lessons we learned from organizing the ROCK FOR CHARITY event


Ever since the first ‘Rock For Charity’ event, I have always wanted to do a big event involving bands. This year when ‘Youth for Change’ came up with the sanitary towels project, I was convinced that this is the best time to organize one.I am very grateful to the bands; Asia, 20 More Days, The Seeds of Datura and Kanyeki. When I reached out to them they said yes with no hesitation. So lucky to have you guys in the scene.
This was my first time organizing an event, it wasn’t easy but it was a very good experience and I learnt a lot from that.
The key to a successful show is good sound.
One mistake I did was to plan a show without taking time to do some research to find out what sound entails.
I had been referred to the best person to work with but due to several circumstances we were unable to work together.
On the event day I was let down. Luckily, I managed to sort it out.
Lesson learnt: Sound should be set up a day before the event, or rather hours before the scheduled sound check time and always ensure to pick the best sound guy.  
Months ago, I wrote an article about doing gigs outside the clubs. I can’t believe I am the one who went ahead and planned a club gig! That, was a very wrong idea.
Anyway, “ýaliondwele sipite”. At least next time location should not be a club, and if I happen to do so then I should do a lot of research on the kind of people am dealing with as well to ensure I carry some of my own stuff.
I did not consider getting a photographer to cover the event.
Truth be told, I totally regret not considering this. That was a good event that should have been covered in beautiful photos!
Fan Involvement
Including Lip Sync battle on the schedule must have been the best thing ever!
I thought it would be nice to see the fans on stage as well and it worked, everyone had a lot of fun.
Next time I will introduce something else, so watch this space!
Despite all the challenges the show was really dope thanks to 20 More Days, The Seeds of Datura, Asia Band and Kanyeki. These guys killed it, every performance was amazing! Kenya is blessed to have such beautiful souls. As well support from other bands like Rash, Irony Destroyed (who donated 6 of their albums), as well as local legends Last Year’s Tragedy.
The fans came out in large numbers! There were many new faces so I have to say, #TwendeRockGigs worked!
I hope in future to organize better and bigger events.
Anyone planning to do a show and is a first timer like myself should learn from my mistake and the outcome will be nothing but perfect.
Here are some photos from the show:

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