This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pain and a hundred percent reason to remember the name.. Rich Justin Rich.
Yes everyone has been asking what happened to him, I had at sit-down with him at Mojos for a short interview as we enjoyed rock tunes courtesy of Dj Kevntyce and Dj Signal.
So the name Justin Rich is that your real name or what is the story behind it?
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I am a big fan of Justin Timberlake because he is very diverse; an actor, musician, designer etc
The name “Rich” comes from B.C Rich guitars. I also admire Richard Branson as an enterpreneur and a rock n roll fan.  In college I was always referred to as a rich kid. Hence Justin Rich
Let us talk about your journey and Friday 4 Play.
Friday4play is an Xfm concept. What I did is I decided to own it and gave it a personality.
Before (joining) Friday 4 play I was a banker. I quit to concentrate on deejay work. I took mixes to XFM  I ran into a friend of mine (Randall) who was working at kiss fm then he asked me to give him the mixes, he took them to XFM and I was called on the following day. The Xfm team loved the mixes and I was hired immediately.
At first I am sure most people completely missed it. Those that tuned in made fun of the show because it was more of pop.
One day I was at my friend’s place. While she was listening to the radio I asked if she’s listened to Xfm.  she told me that it sounded like kiss fm. From that moment I decided to change the sound of Friday 4 play so I asked for opinion from the fans on what they would like to listen to during the show.
Here is what most people don’t know I am more soft rock/ jazz rock and roll guy. The heaviest music I used to listen to was Linkin Park, which I was introduced to by twin brother Dj Nruff.
Are you serious man? But your shows were always heavy.
That is because I was a good learner and Switch (metal to midnight) was the best teacher. My boss Mr. James Njoroge was very supportive. He gave me freedom so I chose what was commercial viable.
What is your biggest accomplishment?
The biggest accomplishment is giving my life to Christ(Catholic, rock n roll) and advocating for good things in life.
What have you been upto post-Xfm
Being a father to my daughter.
I took a break from film and radio due to depression, I had to work on myself and love myself. Still spreading rock n roll though.  I do Friday4play online.
I am also working on an event together with Dj Hueskillz and Dj Kevntyce. The event is meant to be on the 29th of September at the Alchemist Bar, Westlands.

Other than that I also facilitate “Man Enough” at my local church Don Bosco to empower young men. I am a member of Catholic Men Association.
My twin brother and I have been working on comic books.

I also work in business development.
You used to be in a band what happened to the band and are we going to see you in a band soon.
Fortress of Solitude which changed the name to Cause of Death, I have no idea of what happened or maybe life happened.
Yes I am working on a Christian rock band.
Why the low profile and no photos anywhere  
I am shy.
Any plans of going back to the radio
Never say never
Your favourite bands.

  1. Pink- personal favourite as her music speaks to me

2. Linkin Park
4.30 seconds to mars
5. Kryn
6. Sparzanza
What are your  thoughts on Kenyan Rock Scene?
I would like to mentor more deejays, we need more deejays.
The scene has really grown but the fans need to support the scene more. Buy music, attend the events and spend. It’s not about the number of those who show up but the amount spent because that is the source of income.
The fans have the power to change the scene so support the scene.