Lust of a Dying Breed – Denoument   Tendrils meander through the etiolated populous, Sickening columns of smoke pepper the horizon, Red skies look down upon a cracked wasteland, Wind-swept…Continue Reading →

Cat of Nine Tails

Lust of A Dying Breed  – Cat of Nine Tails Cat of nine tails, This is the executioner, Purveying rewards,…



Lust of A Dying Breed – Fearless   A vile elemental descends from unholy heights, With rage,hate,fury and wretchedness, To…


Lust of A Dying Breed – Rebirth   The rebirth Mechanical hypnosis rendering absolute bondage, Control from the figurehead, Leaving no freewill,   Basking in the throes of mediocrity, Subjected…Continue Reading →


Lust of A Dying Breed – Soundcheck   Gather around and move Nearer to the crushing sound The unending render…