Doveslimme Announce Final Acoustic Show of The Year

Doveslimme has experienced quite a revival in recent months. While they have indeed stayed relevant with a handful of releases, none of them have stuck as much as the content they’ve release this year. Their latest single ‘Not Enuff’ has topped the Xfm Weekly top 30 chart four times in a row. Aside from that they now seem to have smoothly transitioned from former vocalist Jillian to songbird Wamvii- giving Doveslimme a lease of new life and injecting the local rock scene with much needed freshness.



That notwithstanding, the real testament to the band’s revival has been with their regular acoustic sessions at Lava Latte. While this is far from the sort of live engagement of yesteryear’s, acoustic sets are more intimate and less of a headache to put together. The band has announced their final acoustic show set to take place on the 16th of December, a great way to cap off a very eventful year.


Nothing says latte like a bit of slimme on Sundays

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