Cat of Nine Tails


Lust of A Dying Breed  – Cat of Nine Tails

Cat of nine tails,

This is the executioner,

Purveying rewards,

That entail disdain.

Hooks tearing at raw flesh,

Bones bound to leather,

Hooks tearing at raw flesh.

Lash upon lash,

Tears with,

Every blow.

Invisible tentacles grasp,

And strangle each waking,

Effort for survival,

Lacerations discolour your pigment,

Leaving ulcerated patches of pain.

Dragged to the black depths,

Of misery and despair.

Consuming the vile dregs,

Of a pathetic life,

Heavy mutilation of morals,

Human endurance stretched,

To the limits of,


Relentless discouragement and hate,

Crippled by the violence of the hunter,

Channel the pain to the oppressor.


Album: Cat of Nine Tails

Genre: Deathcore

Year of Release ; 2012

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