Lust of a Dying Breed – Denoument


Tendrils meander through the etiolated populous,

Sickening columns of smoke pepper the horizon,

Red skies look down upon a cracked wasteland,

Wind-swept streets filled with the stench of,

Burning bodies,

Crushed skulls,

Severed tongues,

Broken bones.

Watch as mankind wastes away,

Vultures blot out the sun

Beasts of ancient times,

Massacre the civilised

Synergy of darkness and,

Abysmal violence,

Progenitor of malformation,

The blackest of the black,

Envelopes all things.

Destroying hope,

Quickening mankind’s,


A gathering of terrors,

And acts of God,

The living nightmare spawns,

A flesh melting disease,

Leaving the victims in a paraphenalia of bones!

Immortal anguish!

Fills their throats!

Intrinsic abnormalities,

Finally boil to the surface,

Mortal masks peel off,

Revealing the decrepit state ,

Of the malformed psyche,

A malodourous assembly,

Struggles to stay afloat,

Before sinking into the depths,

Of anarchy and psychosis.

Another extinct civilisation.

Fills the throats of the perishing

As all reality sinks into,

Chaos and malformation,

Chaos and malformation,

Chaos and malformation,

Chaos and malformation

Quickening man’s denoument,

A gathering of terrors,

Synergy of darkness,

Abysmal violence.


Album: Cat of Nine Tails

Genre: Deathcore

Year of Release ; 2012

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