Leo ni Leo by Doveslimme


Tick tock 8 o’clock on a Monday morning and I’m late for work again
I should quit
Think back, flash back to when life was simple and when everything was bliss
It still could be
Take that step
I say
When a chance go pass it nah come back again
This is it


This time, tomorrow it won’t mean a thing
This time, I’m letting go I’m giving in
It’s it’s it’s it’s time
This time, it’s time, this time


They say,
The world is yours
don’t sell out, son, to take up someone else’s cause,
They say,
shoot for the stars
so do just that, work hard put in the hours
who said,
it was easeh
you’re not alone, you got meh
who said,
you won’t make it, you never know till you try it
I say
You’re worth it
You know it, so just prove it
I can’t say, you have to say, do it your way, and seize the day


This time, tomorrow it won’t mean a thing
This time, I’m letting go I’m giving in
It’s it’s it’s it’s time
This time, it’s time, this time





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