More Than Sound by Doveslimme

Chapter page, chapter phase
chapter phrase, chapter case closed
My heart’s in an iron stove
Not feeling great I’m alone
The heat, it hurts
My tears, they burn
Your words, they turn
My soul, it bursts

Not tired of harmonisations,
Trapped still in deep vibrations
Pictures I’ve realised, denied by the real eyes
Tired of all the stations,
No, I’m not an animation
I breathe too, feel pain too, I’m not you

Tired, lost but not forgotten
Words cannot escape, all the thoughts I had erased
Can the music calm me down, can the beat hold me down
But in the midst of all these things I need
I need more than sound

I feel it in my fingers, feel it in my soul
When you’re gone my heart can never know home
Before you go too far, leave me standing here with an open scar
I know you breathe too, feel pain…I breathe to feel you

Sometimes I see you standing
Like a ghost, in a dream, I can feel you next to me
But when I close my eyes, you don’t see me
Screaming but you can’t hear the sound

I need a minute, tell me are you listening
I need a minute,not ready to say goodbye
I need a minute, I,
I need a minute before the light I know is faded

I need a minute, to stop the hands of time
I need a minute, to love you another lifetime
I need a minute, I,
I need a minute to hold, Hold you


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