Not Enuff by Doveslimme

My heart is strained, it breaks and breaks
With every time you fake, you take a piece away
Your cold and hardened stare pushes me to despair

Not victimised by your trying eyes
I’ll be afraid of the boogeyman’s gaze
And face the fact that you get under my skin
You’re killing me from within

What do you want, what do you need
Do you think, maybe in the end we’ll see the light
Or will you run and scream that

I’m not worth the work
And you are better off
Coz I’m not enough
That’s what you said to me

Verse 2:
Don’t go, please stay
You know I never meant to hurt you
Why do I say the things I do?
Can we tell a different story

I see the question in your eyes
Is this the last time I say last time
Would you believe me
If I say the you need me



It was better when you were here in my arms
We did not care about how it would end
And now I’m failing to understand why
I’m drunk and crying on the floor tonight

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