My Strength by Rish


MY STRENGTH – Written and performed by RISH

You are my strength

And I can never wear you out

You lift me up in my times of sadness

You pull me back from fear and doubt

You are my light

But I keep on stuffing in you out

Put you in a box lock you up stick you deep in the ground


And I can’t help myself

Can’t keep you from breaking out

You’re the lamb, you’re the beast, you’re the reigning king

I know you’ll take me home

Coz even in the rain, even in the dark

Even as I trek across the valley, the mountain will be mine

Coz even in the rain, even through the pain

Even as they bind me with these chains

I know where I belong

Now that we’re on it

Let’s bring the dead to life

Find breath within the ashes we can never get enough

Don’t get me started

With I can do all things

I’m not broken at the core

I’m just a little bent

There’s things you’ve seen

Things I’d never tell

To think that you’d forgiven me would pull me straight from hell

But through your grace

My sun can shine again

We can face the demons down yes I will face the demons down

Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh-oh,oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh


released February 17, 2016

Written by RISH

Guitars by Amos Kiptoon

Produced by Nick Wathi(Andromeda Music)


all rights reserved

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