Straight Line Connection “Spaceless” Album Review

Reviewed by Alf Siero
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Straight Line Connection is a rock / metal band based in Kenya. A relatively new band in the Kenyan Rock/metal scene consisting of Gun (Vocals, Guitar), Reuben (Bass, Guitar) and Param (Percussion). Spaceless is the debut album by the Kenyan rock/metal band Straight Line Connection. It was released on May 22, 2019 via Marco Silvestri Production.


Straight Line Connection find consistency and it shows, every track from one to ten are excellent and exactly what you would expect from a band of this magnitude. Spaceless manages to explode right out of the gate with the first track, You Are, which turns out to be a fantastic intro into the album as it manages to set the speed, Tone, Style and the overall feel for the entire album. Straight Line Connection being guitar heavy band with unreal solos really makes it impossible to not feel in tune with. As expected with Straight Line Connection the vocals are absolutely mesmerizing, the best part of the band in my opinion. The band manages to make you feel relaxed, yet also want to break something and head bang, it’s truly a remark feeling.

This album does contain a few stand out tracks I would like to highlight, so you can check them out first and see if you would like to purchase this album for yourself, Which I’m confident after I explain these tracks you will. I will delve into the intro and the title tracks as that way you will still have to discover the majority of the album for yourself. Starting off with the introduction track, You Are. This track is possibly one of the greatest introduction tracks in the rock / metal genre. My reasoning for this is statement is simple, it crushes. Starting off with fast paced melodic riffs as well as rhythmic drumming, it manages to create a truly spectacular sounding track. And to top it all off the vocals are beautiful yet menacing, you will not be disappointed. Last but not least is the title track, Spaceless. A song that slowly builds itself up till it explodes in your head forcing you to remember it. A perfect title track, and the best track for me on the entire album. However, the band also manages to deliver a deeper album lyrically.

From start to finish Straight Line Connection manage to blend the ingredients of rhythmic drumming, guttural as well as clean vocals, and both slow and speed-oriented guitars, this is one of the rock / metal albums of all time, Simply a must own for any rock/metal fan, A beautifully crafted masterpiece.

Spaceless is available for streaming on BandCamp:

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