Powerslide Will Return With A Second Album Before Leaving On Tour For Germany in 2020


Nairobi’s punk rock trio Powerslide have announced that they intend to release their second album at the end of the year.

Powerslide’s debut album “Cheshire Grin”

Their debut release Cheshire Grin premiered in April of this year with titles like Banana Republic, Turn that Shit Up and Monsters and Men. Willy Ojiro and crew have continued to burn the midnight night oil with some of the new songs from the record already well past conceptualization. Speaking to the band’s frontman we understand that there are just two songs left to complete an impressive haul of 15 tracks with demoing for vocals set to begin soon. We’ve had the pleasure of sampling a few of the demos and they will blow everyone’s mind from just the musical progression alone.

The new record we understand is a healthy mix of Powerslide’s fast/shit-bang & care-free sound that has made them so popular together with progressive elements that include indie, metal-core and post-rock influences. In their quest to push the envelope of creativity the album is reported to include a slew of features on vocals thus continuing the tradition they started with Cheshire Grin.

There are four singles lined up with the first set to drop sometime in the month of September. The band’s guitarist who also doubles up as their producer and lead songwriter remarks that there have been major leaps in various aspects of the band’s songwriting from singing, screaming, tempo changes and progression together with sweeping attempts to incorporate elements that are not necessarily stapled to punk-rock as a sub-genre. Willy points out that Powerslide’s new album will feature sounds from the entire spectrum of rock and metal music. While still heavily seeking to espouse the band’s roots this new album also seeks to revolutionize the genre.

Powerslide guitarist and vocalist Willy Ojiro

Pending that release Powerslide have also announced plans to tour Germany in 2020 with funding for the trip already in place. Here’s the full transcript of that announcement posted on their official Instagram account.

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