By Yvonne Ndubi



  1. Best Female Artist
  2. Best Male Artist
  3. Best Rock Song
  4. Best Metal Song
  5. Best Live Performance
  6. Best Music Video
  7. Best African Act
  8. Best Rock Show Presenter
  9. Heavy and the Beast Award***

Having gone over the categories here are the nominees as announced by Rock Tour 254’s Phylline Jean. The video doesn’t yet cover the final two categories. Category number 9 the winner will be announced on the day of the award, together with the selection criteria. We will also open up the categories for voting soon. Enjoy the video.


Best Rock Show Presenter:-

  1. Fareed Khimani – The Rude Awakening (105.5 Xfm) & Code Red (Capital FM)
  2. Nick Ndeda – XBRKFST (105.5 Xfm)
  3. Wanjira Longauer – The Fuse (Capital FM)
  4. Italia Masiero – The Fuse (Capital FM)
  5. Taylor Murathe – The Fuse (Capital FM)
  6. Kui Kabala  –  The Fuse (Capital FM)
  7. Mao Mukuria – Indie Rock Feed  (105.5 Xfm)

One thought on “Our Inaugural Rock Music Awards - Here Are The Nominees For Various Categories”

  1. Still clearly recall how Vale kicked off in Uganda and Vic tor was not embraced AND HOW WE WENT TO nATIONAL tHEATRE uGANDA elctrified the place and was asked to go some where else coz Metal is not the kind of Music they are looking for.

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