How Many Kenyan Rock Deejays Do You Know?

by Alpha Wolf Radio with Dj Edygrim

This is perhaps the most comprehensive list of Kenyan rock deejays. It features familiar names like Dj Tumz and Protege, stalwarts like Dj Switch and Hueskillz as well as underground enigmas like Dj Atreyu. Edygrim gives some insights from his first-hand experience with most of these deejays, some who have mentored him and inspired his own ambitions.

Catch the full transcript of that podcast below:


There is perhaps a moment for pause. Pictured below on the left is Dj Switch who curates a facebook page for local fans of rock music. Following the rise of social media this is perhaps the one place fans got to know each other and share music. Before that there was a small band of faithful that would commune through Yahoo Chat or on My Space. Dj Switch is pictured with writer Edward Banchs who also happens to be a deejay. Edward is scheduled to perform at next weekends Nairobi Metal Fest. 


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