Murfy’s fLaw – Whatchyu Want? (Music Video Review)


Murfy’s fLaw have today released their second music video this year and its called Whatchyu Want? Being Kenya’s oldest active rock group hasn’t stopped Murfy’s from reaching for firsts or breaking records and they do that with what is within their reach, extending their own traditions and influences to keep that fire burning.

Whatchyu Want? is taken from their third album “Nataka/Sitaki” which was released on 19th of September 2019 and is produced by Marco Silvestri -formerly of Homeboyz Production.

Whatchyu Want? is firmly set within the concept of the album. It sets the tone for the ‘she loves me/she loves me not’ moniker which the album rides on. The chorusy element of the song denotes euphoric elements of love which are so attractive. However, that is counterbalanced by stark and almost dystopian riffs and bass lines reminiscent of a punk outfit. It captures the back and forth dance of romantic love where what is said is rarely replicated in action. I’d say that this is then perhaps one of the most relatable Murfy’s flaw songs not only because this message still rings true, but it is also surprising that the group was able to conceptualise these ideas in such a radical manner considering that they aren’t your run of the mill punk kids. I’d expect this from Powerslide or Crystal Axis. It goes to show that this band’s take is still as fresh as when they first released Makosa in 2008.

But aside from that, the real flesh is in the detail with the music video being primarily animated in the mode of 21st Century consumption while firmly entrenched in the age-old DIY ethos of rock music. It was such a pleasant surprise to see Jozie’s doodles brought to life by Indonesia’s Gali Panji. This is because when Murfy’s fLaw first started marketing their efforts at a third album there was all manner of doodles and small animations to their social media posts. Characteristically their first album graphics were also designed in house. The fact that it is followed through here just shows how resilient this band’s identity and spirit has held on for over a decade. The music video also pays homage to the Nairobi skyline albeit in a manner never before seen. This still plays out the bittersweet concept that is entrenched in this song and the entire album.

Residents of Nairobi know all too well the obsession we have with this city, and even in our darkest encounters with it, much like the romantic partner that breaks us down and brings us up again, we are unsure of its intentions. But that is the hallmark of love – at least according to Murfy’s fLaw. Love Rules? Or is it pain? Or maybe it’s a mix of both as hedonists would say since those are our greatest masters. We’ll let you decide.

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