2020 started with a bang literally, in my head I had planned to attend 3- 4 album launches, attend lots of shows, meet new rockers sample about 5 new albums and lots of singles and head bang all year. Corona is that bitch that showed up and took over everything – literally everything. So now all those plans in my head I only see them when I am day dreaming.

Despite all that not happening because the ‘rona said it is here to stay; our rockstars didn’t leave us starving. Last Year’s Tragedy, DUMA, Rish, Crystal Axis, Powerslide, Dead Skin Remedy and even Tha Phunketts after years on hiatus (the kind of shit we need from those other bands) served us some hot songs. Queens of the Kenyan Rock scene; Rish and Reema kept us entertained the whole time with awesome videos of cover and original songs, thank you so much queens for the entertainment.

It seems like  this pandemic had  bands perfecting on their live perfomances because what I witnessed at The Tav just a few weeks ago was really really dope. Straight Line Connection unleashed a very heavy performance. Rash on the other hand they were on another level and the new member of the band; Shae is one talented singer her, that combo of her and Sam on the vocals feels like eating a yummy slice of cake. Clearly practice makes perfect and those two bands confirmed that.

Something so big has been happening in Ngong. The studio there called Kivulini has been the home of rock/metal  during this period. These young fellas have been overworking; they have organized over 5 shows( I managed to attend 3 of them) I can say those guys are on fire, amazing live performers.

Two bands; Dead Skin Remedy and Chovu have recorded full albums( physical copies are available, please grab a copy you won’t regret). What is happening here got me thinking a lot about our event venues. I think outdoor gigs are the way to go. Enough of the club events. There’s some freedom that come with outdoor events.

Kenyan black metal band Chovu released their EP “What Sorcery is This?” as we wrote this blog post.

The year has been been so fucked up, am grateful we all made it. To the artists please don’t give up, keep on making music and to the fans keep on supporting our bands, buy that music and merchandise, attend those shows when things get back to normal. Let us all check up on our fellow rockers. Stay safe  and Keep rocking

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year