Kenya’s Rash

When I grow up I wanna have big balls like the Multi- award winning band Rash. Their last three singles have talked about just how fucked up our lovely country is.

In 2018 they released ‘Nitachange’ featuring Raphael Sipalla. The song talks about how we as country behave during election period, we allow politics to control us and fuck up so many things. We turn against each other but all that can change if we all make a decision of allowing politics to come in between what we have worked so hard for. The song was so deep and dope that it earned them an award; Heavy and the Beast awards best rock song and Afrima nomination

In 2019 they showered us with an award winning song Grave Robbers: corruption is a pandemic in this country, this song talks about how this disease spreads and the impact it has on the society. I believe that one day someone will come up with a vaccine and we will kick this disease out of our country.

This year they were ‘like relax humans we have something else for you’ Structures happened. I am yet to come across a song that explains that’s how fucked our systems are. With every regime change, we are usually hopeful that things will change but shit gets worse instead. I am very hopeful that one day all this will change.

Show me any other band that has been consistent in addressing these issues, I will gift you a Kenyan band merch of your choice🤣. Anyhu Rash are AFRIMA nominee so y’all better vote for them on