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It has been a long standing dream of mine to be part of the music scene here in Kenya and ultimately the world. When I discovered rock music in my late teens I never knew that it would present the opportunity to report on and participate in the local rock music scene.

When mainstream newspapers like The East African Standard and The Daily Nation stopped featuring rock music on its pages rock music was still alive and kicking on radio and in pubs across Nairobi. With the advent of blogs I saw it as a great opportunity to take up the mantle of great writers like the late Sam Kiranga, Rish, Issa Khalid and Smitta.

It is now five years and counting since that journey began. After attending countless shows and talking to almost everyone connected with this small scene, this blog has grown to cover both local rock acts and international bands and has now grown to a fairly large team that still has the hunger to continue chronicling our passion for rock music.

If you would like to get in touch with us for artist features, interviews, reviews and paid partnerships contact us at: submissions@heavyandthebeast.co.ke

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