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Murfy’s fLaw Mark 12 Years of Rock Music With Third Album “NatakaSitaki”

Kenya’s legendary rock music band “Murfy’s fLaw” returned with their third album since their formation in 2007. In between the enveloping keyboard overtures and charming choruses, there is much of the old wine of their debut album Makosa. Yet as much as they dig deeper for their roots, Murfy’s presents us with new heralds to […]

Dutch Sludge Doom Outfit ONHOU Release Their Album “Endling”

Dutch purveyors of sludge infused doom outfit ONHOU have released their new album ENDLING. The four piece scrutinizes dark territories, devising an immense sound utilizing two vocalists, down-tuned guitars and pulsating electronic elements. These bleak atmospheres serve to shape a dismal and forsaken uneasiness. ONHOU was founded in 2016 and consists of previous and current members of Killteam, Lords of Gravity, Wolvon, Grinding […]

Murfy’s fLaw – Whatchyu Want? (Music Video Review)

Murfy’s fLaw have today released their second music video this year and its called Whatchyu Want? Being Kenya’s oldest active rock group hasn’t stopped Murfy’s from reaching for firsts or breaking records and they do that with what is within their reach, extending their own traditions and influences to keep that fire burning. Whatchyu Want? […]

An Interview with Germany’s “I Am Revenge” Ahead of Their Maiden Performance in Nairobi This Weekend

I Am Revenge are a hardcore/punk band that hails from Hamburg-Germany. On Saturday the 28th of September, they are set to join a host of local bands like Refuge, Vale of Amonition, Petrika and Straight Line Connection in this year’s edition of the Nairobi Metal Festival. I had a chat with band members Jonas (bass) and Okan (vocals) on their experience as a touring band and their expectations on this maiden foray into an African local metal and rock music scene.

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