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Here’s why you should listen to Vulvodynia’s Devastating New Record “Mob Justice”

Reviewed by The Mad Mane Machine South Africa’s most brutal export Vulvodynia unleash their new full-length album Mob Justice, comprising of ten tracks of sheer unbridled African brutality. Exactly 3 years since the release of their previous album, Vulvodynia return with fresh new sounds and lyrical concepts straight out of the depths of the dark continent. Instead of […]

A Review of Lesser Glow’s Post Rock/Doom Album “Ruined”

Buzz, chatter, skreeches and general cracklings are noise particulates that are used as puppet strings, raising and animating this grim marionet. Ruined is at points caricaturing in stark and craving screams accompanied by slow, ritualistic pummeling with grimly buzzing guitars circling around the maelstrom. At other points in pale but vivid passages it yearns a despairs, a refreshing counterpoint to the weighty groove of its heavier elements.

Post-Rock Quartet 'Shipwrecks' to Release Debut Full Length in November

The record with a run time of 43 minutes, engenders a sweet sadness peacefully reassuring in craftsmanship but its soul feels terribly awake to a longing that forever remains unquenched, pleasures almost in one’s grasp, like an all too vivid dream that evaporates with the dawning of the day. It is incredibly satisfying.

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