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Straight Line Connection Officially Launches Their Album At Treehouse – Westlands

Nairobi’s Heavy Metal outfit “Straight Line Connection” will officially launch their debut album today at the Treehouse in Westlands. We are on the brink of strange times this being only the second full length heavy metal record from the Kenyan scene since the debut of Nelecc’s A Thousand Suns. While that may seem odd considering […]

Shared Themes Between Rock Music and the Film Industry at The Premiere for “Alone”

So on Saturday 30th of March, I attended the launch premiere for the film Alone thanks to the Kenya Script Writers Guild. Alone is a film on mental health written by Shelly Gitonga and directed by Cajetan Boy. The film features a police officer who suffers from a mild bipolar and OCD also struggles with his […]

How to Headbang Properly and Other Ways to Avoid A “Bangover”

Say what you want to say or believe but head banging and moshing is inherently a very dangerous form of music and one should at least  try and do it properly

Full Transcript of our Interview with 105.5 XfM

We had the pleasure of being hosted by Nick Ndeda for the Xfm Breakfast Show. Represented by our writers Martin Kanja  (interviews) , Yvonne Ndubi and yours truly, Heavy & The Beast talked about the Kenyan rock scene.

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