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Top Five Rock Songs of 2015

Taken individually each of these songs has something glorious that sets it apart from the rest. They offer different and enlightening world views, the metropolitan flavour of Kenya’s landscape, two spectrums of the most powerful sentiments in the world and at another end the dance of life and death.

A Song Review of Culture Horizon's – Baba Joshua

Like Odysseus we are aboard a solitary freighter, where beneath and around you is an ocean of music roaring with an endless monotony and stretching as far as the eyes can see. but today you must cast your eyes upon a jutting rock formation where the sirens sit and their song, just like “Baba Joshua” here will forever grab your attention as everything else fades into obscurity .

Song Review for new Seismic song "Freedom"

Without more this is evidently a very enchanting and inspiring piece. There has been no radical decline occasioned by the vocalists. But freedom is undone by a lack of clarity and instruments that seem to be chocking the best aspects of each other out.

Shocking Reason that Suggests the Zombie Apocalypse Already Happened

Rash’s fifth single is based on the state of the world today where everyone is a slave to one device or another, cold and distant. Zombies in the truest sense of the word.

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