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Atmospheric Black Metal

The Stars is Nelecc’s debut seven track album consisting of already released tracks like ‘Forest of Gloom‘, ‘A Thousand Suns‘ and ‘Amidst the Mist‘. The album’s official release is set for the 26th of November and is available for pre-order.   Nelecc is an atmospheric/epic black metal project founded by Kenyan vocalist/composer/instrumentalist. The Stars is […]


Forest of Gloom is an immersive single that plays out like a dirge with an ironic yet welcome leaning toward the epic. This epic web runs throughout the length of this piece, bringing to mind a bard’s chronicling of a great adventure, trudging decisively through plains soaking in the nature’s majestic splendor before all calm is pierced with bloodletting, the clash of weapons and a forest of wailing souls.

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